When copied "The Movies" PC Game with CloneCD, and doesnt work when trying to play it



Any Help. PLEASE!


Is it the DVD version?


Tell us some more infomation, what come up? What version of cd clone do you have what cd drive/dvd drives you have.


I have CloneCD V. I have a LiteOn DVD±RW drive model SOHW-1633s BPSA. The game comes in three CD-ROM’s. When installed all three, i have to insert Disc 1 to be able to play it, so i insert the copy, and it says that it can’t find directory “The Movies” please eject and re-insert disc 1.


It is simple use emulation. Like Deamon’s Tools. Write disc as iso or create mini image.


How can i create a mini image of the disc?


Check tutorials section.