When can we expect 16x DVD-R TY's?

Hi, noob to these forums checking in w/ a few questions.

Right now the only 16x DVD-R’s I’ve found from a reputable web retailer is from Optidisc, but even these are sold out. So my questions are:

A. Is Optidisc up to snuff with TY and Ritek and other high quality brands?

B. When can we expect 16X DVD-R’s to become more prevalent? Sometime soon I hope.

Thanks for your input.

What dvd burner are you using?

I have a NEC 3500 which burns 8x SONU08D1 discs at 16x with the official 2.18 firmware.

Until 16x media drop dramatically in price, I see no reason to apy over double the price for it.

I have a Pioneer DVR-108. And Nero won’t burn over 12x on 8x discs, but I haven’t installed the newst firmware yet.

So there’s no advantage to the 16x discs?

IIRC, the latest firmware for the Pioneer 108 may allow some media to be burned at 16x - although you do realise that this means 16x for only part of the disc? But the 108 is more of a 12x burner than a 16x.

It is usally the media/firmware combination that limits burning speeds.

I didn’t know either of those things. Why only part of the disc? And, how can a drive that is advertised as burning single layer DVD-R’s at 16x, be more of “12x burner”?

It depends how you define 16x.

The average Joe could think that it means 16x over the whole disc - this would mean a burning time of around 4.00 mins.

However, the marketing men have got at the definition, and twisted it to mean 16x at some part of the disc - which usually means the end. Pioneer even conceded that the 108 burned faster at 12x than 16x! However, I believe newer firmware has improved this.

Currently 16x speed means a whole dvd will be burned in ~ 6.00. The LG 4163 is the fastest (at the moment) in ~ 5.30 mins. My NEC 3500 does it in ~5.40 mins. The Pioneer 108 is nearer to 7.00 mins, which is 12x (average) burning speed.