When can high kprobe spikes be ignored?



I have heard that you can ignore small spiles in kprobe but was never really sure to what extent. I have gotten the occational high spike but I have recentlly got a bunch of ritek that seem to be doing it more consistantlly on one of my drives. Based on something I saw in one of the reviews here, I kind of got the impression that a transfer rate test might be a good way to see if the spike is problamatic? These scans are all the same disk, I just changed the scale to show closup. the burn looks pretty clean except for the three spikes and the transfer rate test looks nice and smooth.
Does anybody have any opinions on these spikes or experience as to wether similar spikes have caused disks not to play? Any opinions would be very much appreciated!!! Is it worth trying to change write strategy or anything to fix this?


you didn’t say what burner you are using
Quite often spikes like these are made when the burner does its “recalibration”
According to the dvd book standards single spikes are not relevent.

this thread also mentions the problem


This was burned on my liteon 851s@832s running vsob that has been omnipatched. I would really like to stay with this firmware as it burns the majority of the medias I have very well though I have considered a strategy swap. If the spikes aren’t a problem then I wont worry about it. They burn fine on my 3500 but I have a bunch of stuff I need to burn so I am keeping both my burners going most of the time right now.
Is a transfer rate test a good way to help tell if these spikes might be problamatic or is this the kind of spike that I can pretty much ignore? I have way too much stuff to burn to go through and watch it all right now to see if it skips but I would like to delete it off my hard drive. I’m doing a double burn so thier is some extra protection if one burn is bad.