When Burning dvds the sound is quiet



When i burn dvds the sound is very quiet and you have to turn it up on the tv to be able to here people talk…what can i do to fix it?


First of all you could give more details :bigsmile:

What kind of movie is it? Is it an avi or a video DVD (i.e. vob files)? What software are you using? Are you encoding the original movie in some way? :slight_smile:


Change the sound output/audio format or edit the dvd player settings.


I’m using ImToo Dvd Creator and the are normal avi files… I just add the files to the creator and it burns it…but whenever i put it in my dvd player the voices are really quiet


maybe it’s the problem of decoding.I suggest you use ImTOO AVI MPEG Converter to convert the avi files to MPG files,checking if the output has audio or not.If you can get the voice,you can create the DVD using the mpg files.We can provide you a free registration code.I give you a email:support@imtoo.com.If you have any other questions,you can send an email and get help.
Good luck!