When benq 1640 will support 1x writing?

i have buyed a benq 1640 and i am disappoited when i see that minimum write speed is 2.4x

Hi :slight_smile:
What f/w are you using & media
I’m using BSJB write speeds are 2.4x for +R / +RW 2 x for -R & 1x for -RW

i am using fw bsjb i writing speed is 2x (not 2.4 i wrote erroneus) for -r and i want to say if benq will implement 1x speed for dvd-r

probably not since most new high speed media would write very poorly at such low speed.

I see no need for 1x, or even 2x. Most 4x or newer media give worse results at 1x and 2x than higher speeds.

it would be an immense waste of time too …

Whats the point in 1x speed exactly when most new drives are meant for high speed writing and even overspeed.

If you want to write at 1x search ebay for an old dvd writer from 1999/2000.

(and potentially a dying laser pickup, and poor media compatability) :stuck_out_tongue:

potentially diyng laser pickup!?


I dont think its an unused unit when its sold at ebay g

but seriously, why would anyone want to use a 1x burner in 2005?
as mentioned before the most recent burners have better results @4x than for example @2.4X

dont tell me it’s because of the great offer 1x media you recently bought :stuck_out_tongue:

… when i say potentially dying … that’s because its been used and early lasers had shorter lifetimes :slight_smile:

its 100x100 new item sold by a computer shop on ebay
complete with NERO + set of screws and audio cable

1x writting ??..

The only point I can see in this is in regard to dvd-rw 1x writing. Which is working fine! Well I guess if you use princos it would choke on the 1.2x overspeed but hey, that’s not really the drives problem.

To reiterate, the 1640 burns at 1.2x for dvd-rw (1x). And ppl say the 1640 can’t overspeed :stuck_out_tongue:

pplz say, but old BSGB managed for at least RICOHJPNR01->8x and i been having some successed with BSJB and MSCE

In my opinion is the fact that some have probs with 4x burned game backups a problem with the cheap drives they used for the superhightech consoles.
I dunno why someone should use a 1x burner in 2005 or even think that 1x speed is good when the results with 4x-8x are far better.
And who the hell would buy a brandnew 1x burner ? Thats ridiculous.