When backing up CDS 200 disc I get "Source Disk To Large" response from PlexTools

I am trying to back up an Audio CD with Cactus Data Shield 200.

I was able to back it up with CloneCd with my Plex. I wanted to see what if any differance there would be in quality useing PlexTools and I am getting the “Source Disk To Large” responce from PlexTools.

I know you can not have any ‘Hide Cd-R’ feature on. I am sure I have them all turned off unless I am missing something. I also have Auto Start feature off …

I have installed;
Alcohol 120%

I’ve checked my Start up in WinXP … I’ve run HighjackThis to see what was running … I can’t find what it is.

I do have Norton Anti Virus 2003 …

Any suggestions or could someone please tell me where if Blindwrite is causing this … running the latest version.

Try using Alcohol. :slight_smile:

I’ve already made a working back up with CloneCd … But have discovered PlexTools won’t work …

Just can’t find what is holding it back !!