When are we going to hit the 100,000 threads?



At the bottom of the index of our forum you can find the amount of total threads on our forums. At the time of writing this the numbers are:

[li] Threads: 98,400
[/li][li] Posts: 693,077
[/li][li] Members: 92,193

Now you guess, when do you expect to hit the 100,000 threads? Will we also have more then 700,000 posts? I have an indication since I can see statistics but I won’t tell to ruin the fun.

Also anyone with an idea when we will hit the 100,000 members?


~June 2005?


? Members: 92,193 ?

of active members?


100,000 threads sometime during March 2005
700,000 posts sometime during dec 2004
100,000 members before the end of April 2005

EDIT : Or lift Bens post limit and reach 700,000 posts by the end of the week :slight_smile: joking Ben :smiley:


Were you really? :wink:

Given the acceleration in members joining, the reduction of posts as all the questions have previously been answered, & the increased number of references to the “search” button, and the picklemeisters reduced activity in the “Quest for the Longest Thread” … I have no idea :stuck_out_tongue:

But since we are polling…

Threads: Mid February - 2005
Members: June 2005
Posts: End of November, 2004.


Are these thread/post numbers for the public forums only? Or did you include the secret p**n forums? :wink:


Unfortunately, the secret pn forum post counts are changing so rapidly, that we simply do not have the technology to track the current count for posts or threads. Perhaps when quantum computers become available, we may be able to estimate the exact number at some predetermined point in time. However, Quantum computers exist only in scientific labs at the moment. Therefore, for this exercise, the now-not-so secret pn forum has been excluded from the count :wink:


lol dee

100,000 threads: April 2005
700,000 posts: X-Mas 2004
100,000 members: when we calculate with 70 a day, in about 3.5 month!!


threads: August 12 2005 at 01.37 gmt
posts: January 3 2005 at 15.48 gmt
members: February 29 2008 at 09.03 gmt


100.000 Threads: christmas 2004
700.000 Posts: christmas 2004
100.000 Members: christmas 2005

Don’t ask, I just know.


Should have been over 100K long ago if nothing was deleted. Nearly 120,000 threads and a little over 700,000 posts were made.


Ssshhhhh! The secret p**n forum doesn’t count & neither does the pre-legit crack-swapping days either :cop:


It should be much faster! (given that the growth remains about the same)


My Guesses
Thread: 20th Nov 2004
Posts: 15th Dec 2004
Members: 22nd Feb 2005


New Calculation

Threads: 12 Nov 2004
Posts: 7 Nov 2004
Members: 17 Dec 2004


I think your first two could be very close. Not so sure on your third one though.


can also be later but the difference to yesterday = + 170 !!! members


New calculations:

Threads: 11 Nov 2004
Posts: 6 Nov 2004
Members: 21 Dec 2004


700,060 posts as i write this :smiley: :bow:


That’s alot of posts :wink:

At this rate, I suspect that the newbie thread will quickly become the largest sub-forum on cdfreaks.