When are they coming and is it worth the wait, benchies anywhere?



All right, the new GPU’s are coming!! We all know that, but when are the 512Mb versions coming??

I don’t want a discussion if it’s already necessary to have 512Mb on a GPU. :wink:

I want to know: when are they coming and when are the first benchies coming (or are they already there, but can’t I find them)??

Any ideas?


512MB? Mid to late July would be my guess, the summer refreshes of the X800 and GeForce6800.


Wohoo, now we only need games that utilizes only 256MB.
I have seen one game that had a “if you have 128MB GPU tick this”-option.
On the other hand, mobile phones come with 40MB memory these days… (SE K700) :smiley:


We can’t help it, it’s the nature of the beast! :stuck_out_tongue:

If they do come out on those models then I’d say 512 MB cards come out a few months after the first x800/6800’s cards are released. Vendors will want to add a boost to sales (that much RAM on a video card is just marketing after all) before X-mas sales. So go with a couple months before X-mas I would guess. :iagree:


Yes there have been some benchies already. I’ll look later today If I can find them again.

Anyhow, the big picture was like this: both the new cards from NVidia and Ati perform very very nice, but they hardly outperform the current cards in the current games. Only at very high resolutions, high (FS)AA and with special tests they can show their powers.

If you have a card that satisfies your needs for the time being, better keep it and wait a little longer (and go with a PCI Express cards in half a year or so).


Hugs his new 9800 Pro


Finally! What good is it to have a card that can run a game at 3 billion fps and then crap out when you enable AA/AF. Smooth lines and pretty colours me like :iagree:


And did you find something?


If and when he finds them I can bet you a pretty penny the extra memory doesn’t make a rat’s ass difference :slight_smile:


First X800 vs 6800 review :wink:


They will be here in the summer.



dont beleive the benchmarks till the actual cards are out in retail. They both suffer from “immature” drivers and the likes.

When BOTH cards are in the retail and have sufficently been benchmarked/compared (by non fanboys) then make your decision.

Ignore review from places like ATI or nvidia site (especially if they are hosted there). Much like that ati 15k 3dmark03 article (where it says it broke the 10k previous top which was supposedly already broken by nvidia who either came equal to or beat the new ati one)

In short JUST WAIT.


Got some 4u :slight_smile:

http://www.tweakers.net/nieuws/31972/?highlight=6800 (Dutch, but some ‘international’ graphs there)
http://www.chip.de/artikel/c_artikelunterseite_11828771.html?tid1=&tid2= (German)


Dee-ehn, thanks for the links, but I knew most of them already.

I was (am) looking for benchies with the 512Mb cards!!

Any links for those?