When are the prices gonna drop?


I’ve herad the prices of the 6600GT/6800GT are gonna drop real soon as the 7800 is comning out. My question is when? Also when will the prices drop for the AMD 64 3000/3500?

Generally 1 day after you buy something. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think the 6600 will drop first as that is the older card. I think these are scheduled to happen quite soon. The 6800 may drop a little as it has been superseeded but probably no big drop for a while yet.

The AMD 3000 range is now the San Diego core so in effect these are “new” chips. Once again though these will drop then something newer, better and most likely quicker comes along. I doubt the release of the FX-57 chip will effect this range though. Might be able to pick up a cheaper FX-53 or 55 though.

This is of coruse all spectulation and we must remember that different manufactures will do different things at different times. nVidia has no say over the manufactors, suppliers, dealers and so on all who are in the chain. AMD on the other hand will decide when they lower there prices. Just prey the rest of the chain passes it on.

Hmmm…I kinda wanted dates? I guess there’s no knowing the exact date when the prices are gonna drop?

It’s always a gamble as to when things will drop. The 6600gt could drop because it is old, but then again, maybe not. It is among the few cards that are sli capable and sli is new so demand may not fall enough for prices to drop much, even if nvidia and or card manufactures do drop the price.

i generally buy the next to the newest product. look at the difference in price in getting the newest/fastest cpu compared to the 2nd or 3rd fastest.

Quote: Generally 1 day after you buy something.
I buy petrol (gas) from time to time and every time is more expensive.
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