When an iPod becomes an 'iTag'

I just posted the article When an iPod becomes an ‘iTag’….

Sports fashion companies are forever creating markets for technological solutions to problems we shouldn’t really have. But what happens when an inocuous device designed for personal fitness use, can…

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technology can be used for almost anything, and people who want to exploit it for things that it was never meant to be used for will always exist. Heck why don’t we start complaining about how hockey skates can be used as knives? Or how iPod headphones can be used to strangle someone. The nefarious will ALWAYS find a means to use something for things it was never intended for.

…ya just like how they said Saddam Hussien had ordered 200 Playstation 2’s to create a big super-computer to hack into the NSA database take over the world in the late 90’s. :d

No, he used the Playstation 2s to build a giant transporter for all of his WMD. Just after he scanned in all the WMD and the stream began making its way to the USA, the first US warhead from Operation Iraqi Freedom landed destroying the machine before it could convert the stream back to matter and all the WMD was vaporized! Thank God for George W. Bush!