When Alcohol new version available

Hi guys!

Do you know when the new alcohol avaialbe. It’s been here almost a year without adding more features as we are all struggling with new protections.

As are the boys at Alcohol. As they say: ‘The next version will be ready when its ready’. the new version (its not just an update) will fix the majority of blacklisting issues, support PC DVD, support DVD-9 and fix many XP SP2 bugs that have arisen. Plus more I’m sure I dont even know of. I would advise against posting this question at the Alcohol forum.:slight_smile:

They just released a device support patch, so probably it will take a while.

Btw, I was asking myself the same question.

Now I think of it, this question could be posted in Blindwrite forum as well. :wink:

As far I can tell, you should not expect a new Alcohol version soon.

i think it won’t give any “big” updates as long as there are no new protections out there, that have to be beaten…
it’s for sure that SF3 is not 1:1-able, so i guess the development is very slow…
and other prot’s like SD4 are just copied as the ones before, so no need for an update that switches the name from profile Safedisc 2/3 to Safedisc 2/3/4 … :wink:
and dvd-burning is not a big point, atm, 'coz the hardware is just not far enough for making something cool :wink:
atm we can emulate very much (SF3, Safedisc for DVD, SecuROM for DVD) and that’s the point we stand - more development in the hardware-scene might bring new chances for new software…

I think that securom, starforce and safedisc (in general all new copyprotections) stops new mastering-software delevopment. No more relevant news in mastering-software from a lot of time.

i think that the copy protection developers have contracts with the DVD-+R(W) manufacturers so that the new dvd-hardware will maybe never get that far as the cd-r(w) burners got…

Maybe thats right, but we will see. Maybe some Patched Firmware offers more things doing with DVD Burners. We will see this in near future.

As a customer from Alcohol, i´m disappointed that the minor update that they prise last year with functions like Nero and so on, don´t be expected soon. :frowning:

so far
Dragon :frowning: