When a new firmware for 16P9S?

I’m thinking this is not a good reader… No comparsion with my old 166S :a

I hope in a new firmware that improve reading… :confused:

Anyone has the Asus 616? :bigsmile:

huh? your 166s is better ? unusual. Show me trasnfer rate graphs :slight_smile:
I own both these drives, 16P9S is faster for SL and DL discs.

I would not said reading speed, only reading capability: many disc (not my burn :slight_smile: ) wont play…

That’s REALLY ODD too, my 16P9S plays stuff my 166s spat out! I think mmaybe you’ve got some INCREDIBLY bad burns if the 16P9S won’t read it, and the 166s would! Bothwere EXCELLENT readers, and it wouldn’t suprise me if the 166s liked certain media better than the 16P9S with bad burns. I’d like to see a K-probe scan of this disc that won’t read. I bet it’s TERRIBLE, and the 166s was just BARELY better on that particular media, with a bad burn. :doh:

Reading is not that important if the drive won’t even play any of my safedisc 3.2+ backups (i don’t even know if it will play 2.9 or not)…

I think this drive is worst than 166S, that’s all! :slight_smile:
You can’t say a drive is better than other if don’t read all disc :disagree:

I think that LiteOn lost a lot of quality when JVC is not in partnership :a

I got rid of my 166S because it was starting to have pb with CDs.
I never baught an other dvdrom cause I found out that my 1633@1653 does the same job… I have been able to backup safe disc 3.2 with it easily. And it was readable by all my drives!!! Never tried to backup safedisc 4, but I don’t think the 166S was able anyway.

Never seen any bad post like this one about the 16P9S so far…
If your 16P9S drive cannot read some burned media then the MEDIA/BURN QUALITY is the problem in most of all cases, not the drive.


As an owner of both the 166s and the 16P9s I believe that I can give a credable comparison-

Both tests done with 7.8gb DVD movie (MI-2)

166s = Peak Read= 9.67x with 7.07x average with total read time=15:24 minutes

16P9s = Peak Read= 14.44x with 10.77x average with a total read time= 9:48 minutes

Both units with hacked firmware - 16P9s Omnipatched to max-

As others have said so very well - the 16P9s will read discs that the 166s will not-

Bottomline= the numbers tell the truth-