When A New Dvd2one


When I can find a new dvd2one where is possible to choose only Menu and movie ? Because Bonus isn’t important for me.
Thanks (sorry to my english but I’m French)


I am not sure I understand your question due to your english skills. I think you are asking where can you get a copy of DVD2ONE which removes the bonus tracks?

That is what DVD2ONE does. It removes the extras so that a DVD9 (dual layer) DVD will fit onto a single DVD disk. The problem is it will also remove the menu.

Hope that is what you are after?

I just want to keep Menu with movie.
Throw bonus track.
When a new dvd2one to do this ?

I dont know the full capabilites of DVD2ONE, but I have burned 7 disks with none ruined and here is what I think.

DVD2ONE- Is designed to remove the “extras”. There is no question they will be removed.
Im not sure what you mean by menu. If you mean the main menu screen which usually says “Play movie”, “Extras”, “Special Features”, etc. This will be gone as well.

The one thing which will stay is the pop up menu so that you can fast forward, go to the next chapter, etc.

I actually prefer being able to insert the DVD and it starts playing VS having to choose what I want to do from the Title screen.