When a 16x notebook DVD burner?

I like the look of the NEC 6570 DVD burner for my laptop, but am holding out for a 16x DVD burner. Anyone know of any news on when a 16x DVD burener might appear for notebooks ?

They could probably make 16x notebook burners now. The problem is notebook hard drives are not fast enough to support 16x writing.

But most new notebooks come with 5400rpm drives which I thought would’ve been fast enough, and a lot of the Desktop Replacement/Gaming ones have the option of 7200rpm (with optional RAID).

On a different note, whatever happened to 16x DVD-RAM support ? It was mentioned the standard had been finalized around Dec 2005 but I haven’t heard or seen anything since.

i got a Hitachi 7k100 equipped :stuck_out_tongue:
hope that can sustain 16x write speed :smiley:

Given the noise from current notebook drives when reading/writing at 8x, and the quality of 8x burns, I wouldn’t bet on it - and I would in fact hope that no such attempt is made just for marketing purposes, until it can safely be achieved.

There are some notebook harddrives that are fast enough for 16x burning, at least from benchmarks I have seen.

12x DVD-RAM is out by LG, and really FAST!

A laptop drive from LG doing 12x DVD-RAM?