~~Whats your real name? ~~

So since we are all friends…why not make it a bit more personal and post your first name



Rule added: No name…no post!

My first name is: [B]Roar[/B]

(No, it doesn’t mean the same thing in Danish/Norwegian).

Bob and my daughters name (beings how she’s member rolling93) is Teeya

Mines is no secret as it’s on the CDF frontpage. :flower:
But it’s Wendy anyway.

Mine is Mciahel… whoops… err I mean Micahel…(damn this possessed keyboard! :doh: )



Duh - Mike-eh!!

Mine’s not on the frontpage yet, but I’ll tell you all anyway: mine’s Lin :slight_smile:

BTW, hope you don’t mind, S_S, but I moved this to the main LR (primarily to grab replies from those who don’t visit Games Up) :flower:

Mine is Craig but always went by Chuck

Jamerson, after my grandfather. Yes, unique I know. :slight_smile:

Yeah another one :smiley:

They come in three’s, apparently :wink:

We need one more Bob to match you Michaels (I know there’s another hiding somewhere, but he hasn’t posted yet) :iagree:


Douglas, but I have been called many names in my lifetime. :smiley:

Who am i…

Who is but the form following the function of what. And what I am, is a man behind a computer screen.

mines is Alan, but my mates call me BJ, don’t ask :bigsmile:

Why do they call you BJ? :cool:


…as in James :cool: :rolleyes:

theres always one. lol

It’s not “Who am i”. The title say’s what’s your real name :rolleyes:

Hahaha :clap: :bigsmile: