What's YOUR real first name?

Everyone uses nicknames here, but I always thought “What could their real first name possibly be?”

Of course, Rumpelstiltskin was my first guess for Mr. B…
But that’s nowhere as acurate as Thumper for Airhead. :wink:

I’ll go first:

My real first name is James.

You may call me Mr.

my real name is Paul :slight_smile:

Thumper!? :slight_smile:


OMG, was I supposed to use a nickname here ? :wink:


I’m dead serious. I’d post a pic of my driver’s license if I weren’t afraid of being track down and killed… ok, nm.

Maikel (which is pronounced the same as Michael, as in Michael J. Fox)




You’re lucky…I don’t have any ancient greek name (Xenofon, Alkiviadis, Aristotelis[…]). :slight_smile:


Ok I admit… my name is Robin…


But in fact, in Real Life, I don’t use my first name. Mwah ha ha.

Mr Belvedere, do envelopes addressed to you begin “Mr Mr”. Kind of like Major Major in Catch 22.

I think it’s more like, Mr. Mister.

Andrés (In english Andrew)


Originally posted by slayerking
my real name is Paul :slight_smile:

Me too! That’s what the P in my nick stands for…

and my name is … Kostas

Mine is Mike.

Well in the heck do you want names?? Are you going to kill us.

Just kidding…

Originally posted by cloakdoa
[Why] in the heck do you want names?? Are you going to kill us.

I decline to comment.


kidding, it’s just that ya wonder what people like Airhead’s real names are… so curiosity is the reason