What's your preferred Video Converter?



Just curious as to what you guys are using for your “any format to any format” conversions.

DVDFab’s converter pretty much doesn’t work for me. Crashes or freezes into the conversions on most everything.

I currently also have the Xilisoft Video Converter and AVS Video Converter. Both of them have worked flawlessly for me.

VSO is also coming out with a Video Converter in the next few months and since I have a Gold Membership there, I’m looking forward to trying that one.


I prefer to use “specialized” tools, I don’t trust much in “any format to any format” converters.

For DVD I use DVD-Rebuilder and/or DVD Shrink, for H.264 (I prefer MKV as container) I use Handbrake, for XviD (AVI as container) I use AutoGK.

Other tools I use are AviDemux (when I need to remove some pieces of video like end titles for example) and MKVToolnix (when I want to add/remove an audio track from a mkv file).

To manage subtitles I use DVDSubEdit :slight_smile:


For quick easy conversion on Windows – Format Factory

For simple editing with or without conversion on Windows or Linux – Avidemux.


Ha…Mike and I had the same idea. I was composing a thread along the same lines and he posted before me: http://club.myce.com/f32/short-list-good-video-conversion-programs-327000/


I have used all of the above except for some in Kerry’s thread.
They are probably good too I just haven’t used them.
I have a couple that I got from giveawayoftheday that seem to work OK as well.
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There is a new one I have but haven’t use it much:
Free video converter

There are times when DVDFlick has been very useful .

I put DVDFab converter next to the bottim of the list.
I only put Super below it for the reason is Super is reported to have malware.


For editing, I’ve been fairly happy with Nero 11. For simple format conversion, Prism from NCH can be useful as well.


Handbrake for DVD/FLV conversion to MP4/M4V format covers most of my needs. I’m occasionally using Any Video Converter for other conversions.

I tried Format Factory, but it kept producing files with audio/video out-of-sync, so I ditched it.


[QUOTE=cholla;2631687] I put DVDFab converter next to the bottim of the list…[/QUOTE]

I never use DVDFab for any conversion projects so it’s not even on my list, I only use two programs for my conversion projects and they are Magic DVD Ripper and Handbrake.


Depends on the conversion, HandBrake is a good AVC converter, AVIDeMux has more codecs and filters for when those are needed.


I like handbreak.


TMPG authoring works for me


My choices are VidCoder for MP4. Which I play on my Iphone 5 and LG BD390 Bluray player. x264 Profile settings, set to to High for compatiblity. And FreeMake or FileFactory for avi.


XviD4PSP 5 another powerful tool to have on hand.



I will toss my .02 I have used ConvertXtoDVD and like it so far and it does a good job just for converting video files for me in t.


ConvertXto DVD while a good program is not a any format to any format converter. It only converts to DVD.


Just want to throw one more in Any video converter. Also at the core of Vidcoder is Handbrake, but with a simplier GUI. Also does MKVs.


I always use the handbrake & Format Factory.


I use WINAVI, coz its fastest but u may not get quality. Then pazera also is good coz u throw any format to it & it convertes it to any desired format.


I like ‘iskysoft’…converts anything I’ve dragged into it. It’s not free though.



[QUOTE=macbass;2681040]I like ‘iskysoft’…converts anything I’ve dragged into it. It’s not free though.

I guess your choices are a bit more limited if you choose to use a Mac.