What's your most Valuable possession?

Is it a bottle of liquor you bought in another country?
Is it your childhood teddy bear? Your childhood blankey? Your childhood fluffy bunny slippers?
Is it the last birthday present given to you by a loved, but now deceased relative?
Is it an EXTREMELY limited edition LP?
Is it the latest & greatest optical drive, or the original and best NEC3500?
Whatever it is … tell us what it is! :slight_smile:

This one is easy for me. My JS1000. No one gets to touch it.

  1. My Family…
  2. The Old Homestead…
  3. My LP Collection…
    Everything else is replaceable…

Cough My PC :wink:

And for “living possessions”, my kitty…there’ll never be another quite like him goes all gooey and sentimental :slight_smile:

i have a “firebox” that has my records, photos, copy of hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy, my video camera, and my favorite pair of jeans in it.

anything happens to my house and that’s the only thing i’ll grab and run out with.

while i love my records, if something were to happen, they could pay about a year’s worth of rent if I had to sell them.

My Bill Gates “action” figure! :eek:

Seriously, though, my sports card collection material-wise.

Living, breathing things - my son and my fish.

Absolutely agree :clap:

I only add to this my best friends (very very few, but absolutely true friends)

  1. A bible given to me from my Great-Grand Father.
  2. My Gaming rig named (Kos-Mos)
  3. My little Yoshi dog (Yorkie and Tshitzu) named Mookie

Ummm probably my guitars…

my wife

I don’t know if we should count people or animals as possessions … I won’t argue about plants though, although technically they are also protected by laws.

Humans, have their own rights & belong only to themselves.
Similarly, animals also have rights, albeit, a limited subset … they just tolerate humans because it’s more convenient to have food arrive from a can than have to catch, kill, and rip the liver out of another live animal.


Slayerkink Bobble Head Doll

Sexy_Southerner Slightly Stained Thong

pipemanid Texas Longhorn Hood Ornament

debro Fluffy Bunny Lucky Rabbits Foot

chas0039 LG4163 Zero PIF - 100% Quality Scan Printout

geno888 Secret Memo On “How To Seduce CDF Females With Cartoons And Cute Pictures”

Ahem … Feet … I won’t say I don’t have a few skeletons in the closet …

I know but I just had to say my wife even though she is a California girl and would tell me right fast I do not own her. If anything it is the other way around.

My Les Paul Standard.

The CD Freaks community right [B]Geno[/B]?

my entire music collection


I forgot to include in the list my burners :stuck_out_tongue:

Nothing. I like the stuff i have, but i’m not that emotionally attached to it. I will cry and be angry when i lose my car, computer, xbox, very expensive chess sets or other stuff, but i’m not that materialistic that i can’t get over it.

Exactly :wink:

Well, it’s time for my contribution.

My most valuable possession, if it can be called that, is my mind.
Ability to think about things, rationalise actions, before I do them, and the memory of everyone I know & everything I’ve seen or done.

Photo’s & video’s, and gifts, cannot compare to the experiences that you remember. They are always just an emotional tag, to trigger rememberence.