What's your Mfr date on new BenQ 1620?



I’ve been reading alot of posts here about quality problems, people getting older drives, etc. I was wondering how the inventory is turning and what’s shipping.

I thought I’d start this thread/Survey for those who have bought drives in the last couple of months to see what people are getting.

Please indicate:

when purchased
from whom
mfr date
mfr country
fw included

My BenQ 1620 OEM:
Bought 6/05
From Newegg
Mfr Date March 2005
Made in China


BenQ 1620 Retail
Bought: 3/05
From: Ebuyer
Mfr: October 2004
Made In Malaysia
FW: B7L9


BenQ DW1620 bulk
bought a month ago from eglobalonline.com
Date of manuf: Oct/2004
made in Malaysia

I run the B7T9 on my current main drive


BenQ DW1620 bulk
Local Computer Shop.
Bought March 2005.
DOM August 2004.
Made in Malaysia. G7K9 FW.

BenQ DW1620 Bulk.
Local Computer Shop.
Bought June 2005.
DOM December 2004.
Made In China. B7T9 FW.


Benq DW1620 retail
Bought: 4/05
From: Circuit City, rebadged as IOMagic
DOM: August 2004
Made In Malaysia
FW: B7V9


BenQ DW1620 Retail
Bought: November 2004
From: local computer shop
DOM: August 2004
FW: B7T9


BenQ DW1620 Retail
Bought: May 2005
From: Acortech.com
Mfr: October 2004
Made In Malaysia
FW: B7K9


May 2005
Oct 2004


BenQ DW1620 Pro.
Local Computer Shop.
Bought Dec. 2004.
DOM Nov. 2004.
FW B7P9.
Made in Malaysia. :slight_smile: