Whats your messenger

Given todays technology age, its well known a very common form of communication has become messaging.

What messenger do you use… and why?

Please give valid reasons, don’t say cause the others suck, and don’t criticize other choices of messenger software, please remember everyone has their own personal preferences… :wink:

and nooo message baords like cdreaks don’t count :slight_smile:

@ Work : Lotus Notes Sametime Connect
@ Home : Mirc and Trillian (MSN+ICQ)
@ Networks : Winpopup , Net Send or Novell Broadcast

Funny you mention that one, the rollout I’m involved in now has specific instructions to do a custom install excluding this messenger service from being run in Lotus Notes (ver 6.5.1)… heh :stuck_out_tongue:

I like good ole’ AIM

I can imagine why, because SameTime often tends to grab 100% of the pc’s resources… and since Lotus Notes itself is also a very very very crappy versio of Outlook Express, i get to reboot my system … again … when it happens.

I used to use ICQ, but since then everybody started using MSN, so I was forced to do the same…

trillian + msn cause you cant view webcams over trillian, and sometimes you just have to see what they are talking about :smiley:

msn and icq

just msn, all my friends are on it. sometimes you just have to conform…

Hey you! You made a button-poll! How am I supposed to vote for MSN AND ICQ ey? :stuck_out_tongue:
I am a Trillian-man. I hate MS MSN-client and I hate ICQ’s client. But their protocols are nice.

AIM finally recently added official webcam support, although Logitech Im Video companion was a nice unnoficial way to get around it

I cant believe I forgot to mention Trillan… dohhh
Would GAIM count? umm…

Services: MSN, IRC, Skype (rocks :))
Apps: MSN, mIRC, Skype on Windows; GAIM, AMSN, SIM, Kopete, Xchat, Skype on Linux

just the same… picked icq, tho, as i like it much better :slight_smile:

MSN. Because it was installed on the Uni computers when I was there.

MSN cos none of my friends were using ICQ, my parents wouldn’t have a clue about downloading anything & MSN was already installed on their PC.

  1. Convenience (which is what microsoft is banking on)
  2. Refer to 1.
  3. ICQ the only real contender at the time was renowned by people for having viruses sent & executed, although given the gullibilty of the average computer user…no bloody wonder.


Too bored to say why. Let’s all pretend that it’s nice 'n easy.

MSN. But chatting on Soulseek is good and easy. And you can browse thier files to download :slight_smile:

I hate messenger programs. I only use IRC @ work (#cdfreaks, #cdfreaks-int) and nothing @ home. I don’t like to be bothered when I’m behind my computer. Maybe I’m just weird…

None. :o

MSN cause it is nice and easy there said it;)

MSN - ditto