What's your IQ?


oh i remember, when i was 7 they did one along with my dyslexia test, i got 139 :slight_smile:

Mine is 1337 :bigsmile:

dubious,but u can try it.


:bow: Twins!!! :bow:

I’m hearing ya sister :wink:

debro your IQ must be 69 :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

140 something with a dash of CS :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

My IQ is higher than the views this thread has already, and will get in future.

Beat THAT!

Shit, you gotta have 50 points taken off your IQ if you’re still using IE.

You just added one point to my IQ by clicking on this thread. Thanks, greatly appreciated.

I reckon the age at which you took the test should be taken into account - or is it taken into account when you do the test?! I forget…subtract 10 points.
Mine was tested when I was 37, and was 128.
Now at 40 I can feel it all slipping away already… :wink:


:eek: Deja Vu! :eek:

These answers are all non-relative, in order to compare IQ amongst the same group, they must all take the same test. It seems most people here took IQ tests on-line but chances are they are from different websites.

Also, taking a test on line isn’t a complete IQ test. A real IQ test has 3 parts, one that is written (2 part written, testing math and vocabulary), and also verbal (1 part verbal, speaking with a tester), therefore, anyone who took any on-line tests didn’t take it in complete.

The best IQ test I seen on line is here, it is only a verbal test, but its closest to the format and layout of the real administered tests for the verbal section I have yet to have seen on line.

What does IQ stand for?

Intemperate Quadragenarian

IQ = Intelligence Quotient = what you can do now.
Not to be confused with
EQ = Emotional Quotient, which measures your ability to learn.

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