Whats your HomePage?

I have always been interested by what people set as their homepage.

I used www.google.com for the longest time and recently switched to:
which is just a slight variation of their site

Whats your homepage???

about blank

www.cdfreaks.com :slight_smile:



because the results of www.google.de and some other localized versions are filtered ( http://cyber.law.harvard.edu/filtering/google/ ). Article 2 years+ old.
If you know more articles about filtering and censorship - please tell me.


Nothing in any browser i use… i hate pre defined homepages.

i do use MyIe2 and Opera’s “previous openened urls” options though.

i made an html page will all links i visit frequently, forms for search engines (fill and submit), and forms with hidden login data (1 click login to yahoo for ex, risky for password)… and made it as my homepage… very very useful…

club.cdfreaks.com :iagree:



browser highjack program

club.cdfreaks.com its where i like to start the day.

Blank. Google’s in the FireFox search bar already.

Google Australia for FireFox, Blank for Crazy Browser, and MandrakeClub.com for Mozilla

yea i used I-google but they have a limited news site list. This one had a lot more sites: http://www.newsfeedreader.com

A news portal.

Firefox —> http://club.cdfreaks.com
IE --> content management system


Firefox —> http://club.cdfreaks.com
IE --> http://club.cdfreaks.com