What's your favourite Injury?

Broken legs, sprained muscles, dislocated shoulders, Ripped tendons, cuts, burns, chipped teeth, huge bruises, friction burns?

What is your favourite injury?

pulled groin :wink:

The headshot

When my motherinlaw hurts herself…

Low or High?

At least he died smiling :wink:

i broke my ankle playing basketball once…I tripped over myself on a layup with no one anywhere near me. that was pretty cool…gotta love the awkward high school years.

Well, 3 weeks ago I was changing the oil in my truck and the ramps broke and the truck fell on me. Luckily I only fractured some ribs and roughed myself up but I walked out, ha ha

My favorite is the neck-snap. It just looks so fun in the movies! I want to try it on a hobo or something!

My favorite would have to be the teenager that saw “Jackass” trying to repeat the stunt of hurdling a moving car. I saw that idiot get a running start, then his foot only made it to the lower 1/4 of the windshield and his knee shattered the glass, breaking his leg! I always howl in laughter just thinking about it. When I first saw it, I couldn’t stop laughing for 20 minutes!!! ROFL!!! :bigsmile:

It could have been worse … he could have broken the glass … and kept going … minus his third leg :stuck_out_tongue:

Just happened to find this, especially for you, debro. :iagree:

someone else’s

Scratches from skateboarding. :slight_smile:

Gotta love the good old fashioned sprained ankle in my opinion


Poppin’ cherries-eh!

I don’t think that counts as an injury.


Guess that you would have had to experience it to appreciate the ‘injury’ part-eh!

Fell out of tree when young :sad: . broke left arm & wrist . Didnt help much
being a lefty. After plaster came of was back to writing with left hand.
:Z :confused: Now nobody can read my handwriting including myself.:bigsmile: