Whats your favorite mp3 site?

whats your favorite mp3 site ?

I lost my bookmarks so i havent got any at the moment :slight_smile:




always find something - it might not be what you’re looking for.

winmx or another file sharing program is better. I will ask me mate dave what he uses - as they banned everything but port 80 at his work… booo hisss…

IRC channels in Undernet or dalnet, like #mp3_metal, #hardrock&metalmp3, #mp3z, #cablemp3 etc. You can find EVERYTHING there… :cool:


Trance Rulez for the albums & livesets @ the moment…but check out Trance-addict too! :smiley:

www.mp3mediaworld.com www.musicworld.nu www.21century-mp3.com

www.gratiz.nl :slight_smile:

It strange that some one who is a long time (+ 6 months) on this forum still don’t know there is a search forum and that this question is asked serveral times over and over again.