What's Your Favorite Food Concoction?

What’s your favorite odd-ball food invention? I have a bunch of home-brew recipes that people seem to like (or that no one likes, which is fine - more for ME!). Here’s a few:

I like sauerkraut, hotdogs and mashed potatoes, all mulched up together. The mashed taters take the edge off the sauerkraut. It’s great.

When I have fried chicken and baked potato, instead of putting butter or whatever on your tater, put some of the brown and oil from the chicken skillet on it. Yum.

The best eggs I ever had were cooked in the pan that last night’s hamburgers were cooked in. I call 'em “dirty eggs”. Try it.

On a hot summer day, when I come in very parched, I like to take a glass of crushed ice and pour a jar of Mandarin orange slices and jiuce in it, mulch it all together, and boy it is refreshing!

So, what kind of interesting foods to you make?


I put ketchup in my scramble eggs

Mix peanut butter with bananas and spread it on bread

Oh and I must have mustard to dip my popcorn in…

Ketsup on eggs, I’ve heard of, and even peanut butter and bananna, I’ve heard of, but mustard on popcorn is a mind-blower!

(I like garlic salt on popcorn)



Try the mustard …you will see its really good

Now to kick the peanut banana sandwich up a notch…put some butter in a skillet and fix it like a grill cheese…sprinkle powder sugar on top

Ramon with a twist: I have found a way to give Ramon noodles a completely different taste, using (almost) nothing but what it comes with.

I don’t like wimpy, watery soups. Rather than noodles with liquid “soup” in 'em, I put the flavor on 'em. I put just enough water to barely cover the noodles (I like a dash or two of minced onion). Microwave for about 3 minutes, stir and microwave for another 3 minutes. If you have the water/noodle ratio right, there should be no water left, and all the noodles should be hydrated but firm.

The trick is to let the noodles cool so they are no longer steaming (“out-gassing”); I use a little kitchen fan for that. When they are cool, I “seal” them with about a teaspoon of cooking oil; not too much, just enough to lightly coat the noodles. Then, I put the flavor packet on and stir it around. If it gets too cool, it can be nuked for a few more seconds.

What this produces is ramon noodles with the flavor ON it instead of disolved IN it. That’s why it’s important that it cool as steam will liquify the seasoning. The difference between the traditional way and this way is amazing, especially since it’s all the same stuff. Give it a try.


A slice of toast, a layer of bacon (UK style back bacon), baked beans (UK style in tomato sauce) with a dash of balsamic vinegar mixed in, an egg on top, and liberal dose of freshly ground black pepper.

Luverlly!!! :stuck_out_tongue: :bigsmile:


I like to mix mustard and mayonnaise together and dip french fries in it. Also, I love mustard and can eat it with a spoon all by itself.

I like mustard but I haven’t ever tried it on popcorn.

I make a pulled pork with BBQ sauce that the sauce would stand on its’ own on a sandwich. I spread mustard on the bread anyway.

I also use a mixture of Miracle Whip & mustard for one of my potato salads.

Real maple syrup on vanilla icecream.

I make chilli cheese fries . Baked frozen french fries ,Top with Wolf Brand chilli (no beans) . Then as much fresh grated cheese as you like. I use cheddar but I think the kind of cheese a person likes would work fine.

I don’t care for this but my brother really likes it:
Chunked up hotdogs in tomato sauce. With chopped bell peppers & onion cooked in it. Also Worchestershire sauce ,black pepper, red pepper(not too much)or Tabasco . & salt. Simmer covered for about an hour.

I mix honey with a touch of mustard to make a dip.
Awesome with celery or carrot sticks.

Another mix I like is to put pepper on vanilla ice cream.

The syrup on icecream reminds me that I like to sweeten coffee with maple syrup. If that’s all gone, I like to use white cake frosting.

I love dipping french fries in mayo.

This should have been a contest as we already have some doozies here. Pepper on Ice cream? Baked bean sandwitch? Woah!

Maybe we could later have a thread of the most disgusting food combinations you can think of. I’m always thinking of ultra-gross combinations that I would NEVER try in a million years.


To me the real purpose of French’s (or other cheap mustard) is to keep a Pork Loin on the Bar-B-Q from drying out. Generously coat the Pork Loin with mustard and it locks in the juices and taste great.

Mustard is good for if you get a burn in the kitchen too :slight_smile:

French’s is my favorite mustard.
I don’t care for the dijon type mustards. They taste bitter to me.
I probably haven’t bought any other kind of mustard for a long time.
I usually get sandwichs dry at fast food places so I can use French’s on them.
Like der weinersnitzels Polish sandwich.

I like to “enhance” my grape coolaid by replacing some of the water with Welchs Sparkling Grape soda, and replacing some of the sugar with grape jelly.


[QUOTE=Gaarry;2704398]I like to “enhance” my grape coolaid by replacing some of the water with Welchs Sparkling Grape soda, and replacing some of the sugar with grape jelly.


Sounds very grapey.

That added to wine might make wine drinkable .

Hmmm… very interesting. Ironic I never thought of that, since I drink grape wine from time to time. I’ll have to experiment.


I guess you can tell I don’t like wine.
Most of it tastes like vinegar to me.

I also sometimes make just a bananna sandwich.
Like a hot dog . No mustard though . I prefer wheat bread for this.

Take about a pound of ground beef and crumble it in a skillet. Sprinkle on liberal amounts of minced onion and garlic powder, add some salt and black pepper, cover and cook on lowest setting for about five minutes. In the meantime, cook up a bowl of (beef) Ramen noodles, drain completely, add a blop of margerine and the beef seasoning packet. Stir it up good. Go back to the ground beef, stir it up and let it cook another five minutes. When the beef is cooked, add the Ramen and stir it all together. DAMN, that’s gooooood eatin’!