What's your favorite burning program for DVDvideo

I used Copytodvd since my first dvdburn but it seems it has buffer problems.What are u guys using?

IMGTool 0.91 + Discjuggler.

Note: Buffer problems will probably not be solved by changing burning programs. Look to your hardware.


I use AnyDVD and CloneDVD when backing up my movies. :slight_smile:

CloneDVD, of course!
It positions .BUP and .IFO files correctly.

You meen Hard disk?Sometimes the bufferunderun it’s always enabled on my 2500 and sometimes the writing speed is 8x.I always use tayo yuden.DMA enabled.Hard disk Always Defraged.My memory 512.I had the same problem with my plex 40/12/40a never reached above 26x and 30x.My HDD is WD 60G 8mb

Whatchoo mean by this?


DVD Region-Free and CloneDVD2. I just like DVD Region-Free better than AnyDVD. Seems to be a bit more stable for me at least. :wink:

I have a Plextor 708uf and use DVD Region Free with Nero Recode 2. I have not made one frisbie and it seem fairly quick. These two programs seem to be the most stable combo i have tried (I tried many different combinations of decryptors and burning software before getting anything to work corectly). If anyone disagrees please let me know why, and what software you use.

I am happy with Nero Linux was kinda flaky for me :(. I use it with DL DvdR to do system backups. The latest release works alot better. Does not crash as often. Never could get K3B to work to my satisfaction. Nero Linux works well with my pioneer DVR drives. Some places the GUI are kinda confusing but I haven’t made any coasters since upgrading.

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