What's Your Experience With The Maxell DVD-R (Ritek G05)?

I’ve got 100 of them, burnt a few, one about three months ago and no problems yet!

Heard a lot of mixed reviews…what’s your experience with them?


Keep checking the burn quality with a scanning drive. Some of these deteriorate very badly after only a few months.

No problems here, ever. A great buy when on sale. Do a search for more info.


The Maxell-branded G05 are the only G05 from 2005 (with Traxdatas) that I haven’t had degradation problems with. I’ve came across no bad reports either.

Only thing that annoys me with these are frequent visible bonding defects at the hub (typical Ritek thing, see image), according to some sources this can be worrying for long-term stability, and high total PIF counts (levels OK) in my burners (Pioneer 109, Nec 3540A and Nec 4550A).

But recently Maxell changed their outsourcing again for 8X -R, so expect these to be CMC pretty soon. LOL

My TY and Sony discs have bonding bubbles around the hub as well. Nothing to worry about.


Here in Canada, all the new Maxell DVD-R are CMC MAG AE1 already (thank god!). Apparently they’re still considering TY as OEM, so we might see Maxell branded TY again. :smiley:

Thanks for the info :slight_smile:

Apparently they’re still considering TY as OEM, so we might see Maxell branded TY again. :smiley:
Yeah, but do they take time! :a - it’s already been six months since I first heard of this… :rolleyes:

I’ve burned lots of G05s as Maxells and Ridiscs - i’ve had generally speaking good results

Μαxell burned with 1673s

Ridisc bruned with 1673s@1693s

“Lots”? About how many Ridiscs? I’m asking because I’ve had 3 consecutive batches of Xtremes that were of awful quality. :Z

My discs ID as RITEKG05
have had very good luck with them

I hope you didnt confuse them with these ones :stuck_out_tongue:


Seriously though, i dont know, i’ve burned maybe 50-70 of them with 516D, 1673s, 1693s, 740A. I scanned randomly around 10 of them and all gave similar scan results.

As has been posted here many, many, many, many times. Some G05s are OK and some deteriorate badly after a few months. No one has yet been able to determine what might give one a clue as to which G05s are going to go bad. Anyone else’s experience and scans are worthless as you can get exactly what they have and it might still go bad.

If you use G05s you do so with the risk that they might all die. Make your own decision.