What's your experience with technical support?

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Today one of the chatters on #cdfreaks (IRCnet) broke the tray of his Plextor 40/12/40A, it’s a long (and funny ) story how he broke it, but he decided to mail Plextor and see if they would repair…

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Yamaha replaced my 6x 4x 16x very quickly when it went wrong a year or so back. Couldn’t complain at the service at all. The fault was that it wouldn’t see CD-RWs, only CD-Rs…I don’t use the drive now, but the replacement still works just fine.

I own a Iomega predator 4x4x16 cdrw, and it broke down a month after I used it. But I can’t complain cause the helpdesk said I could send mine in to the States from Holland, and they would send me a new one and they did, I got it within a month :wink: so now it works fine still… :8

Compaq sucks. Bought a laptop a while ago. It was broke. They would send someone to repair it, i had to call 6 times why the person did not appear at the date agreed. They didn’t know either. I have sold it, because after 4 weeks, i still hadn’t seen anyone from compaq. Now i ordered a dell laptop with azerty keyboard and 256mb ram, they send me a qwerty keyboard laptop with 128mb ram, i called immediately, they would replace it, after 1 week after hearing nothing, i called back, they also don’t understand why nobody has taken care of it. Who can be trusted these days? As a consumer you stand nowhere… There is need to a site where people can vote on service from company’s.

gateway 2000: allthough phoning them takes ages, their technical service is just fine… on my old gateway 2000 pc i got the following replaced: * monitor * 2x mainboard (inc onboard video, cpu, memory) * power supply * keyboard my aopen cdwriter got broke just before my warranty ended, but because the shop didnt find the fault first they couldnt send it for rma. so i called aopen in nl and they got me a new one that new one got broke again within the year and got replaced again :stuck_out_tongue: for the rest i remember an rma of my labtec speakers and especially my fnac experiences are kept in my mind: my sony superwalkman was replaced 3 times in about 3 years and the 4th time i got my money back with that money i bought a philips discman which got broke in 1 year too :slight_smile: and yes i again got my money back :stuck_out_tongue: now im waiting for the first decent mp3 player (which fucking never seems to come!! :frowning: )

This site is about CD-R etc, so please only experiences with CD-R related hardware vendors :slight_smile:

I have a plextor 12/10/32 and it was the very first generation. there was something wrong with that revision as myself and 2 friends had same burner and all of them broke the same week. Wrote plextor. They told me what the problem was and there was no problem exchanging it. The tech guy was honest and the service was fast. Replacment burner been going strong ever since. I cannot say the same about a Hi-Val drive I had that sucked from day one( nature of the beast)! BTW: Sony repair on Burners suck too. Seems if you get a Retail pack that did not have their software in it there is no warranty through Sony. This was the case with a buddies 8x Sony drive that he got from a retail shop in a retail box.

I used to have an HP-9150i (my first CD Burner). I bought it from Office Depot and took it home and installed it and couldn’t get ECDC 4 to recognize it. Before I understood that it was ECDC that needed upgrading, I called HP and they laughed at me when I told them I had a 9150i. It wasn’t supposed to come out for another 2 weeks. But that’s not the real story. About 8 months later, the drive died. I called HP at about 9:30 PM CST and they promptly answered and told me a replacement would be out soon. Two days later, I received the replacement and sent the other in with no problems. However, HP sends refurbished drives as replacements. About 5 months later, just after the warranty on the original drive ended, the replacement drive died. And basically, HP told me where to stick it. They don’t stand behind warranty replacements. A recent purchase of a Dell system included a combo CD-RW/DVD drive and a couple months after getting the computer, the drive stopped reading discs alltogether. I called Dell and told them my problem and serial number of the computer. They told me the computer was still in Dell’s inventory along with the other 2 systems I purchased at the same time. If the computer’s serial number isn’t registered to you, you can’t get warranty support. 48 hours later, after calling Dell probably 10-12 times, they finally registered the computers under my name and I finally got to put in a ticket to have the drive replaced.

If you have to use technical support then you get what you deserve.

And the alternative is…?

yes fb-, because everyone should be an engineer

The Plextor’s technical support works very well. They changed my 121032 very fast.Cause this,now I bought a 401240.:slight_smile:

Try HP…selfservice or a lesson on how to travel in ever decreasing circles until you finally vanish up your own arse…:7

My first burner was from Creative. I bought it OEM and it died within a week. Creative overnighted a new drive and it never failed. But, if I had fb’s brain and knowledge, I would just build my own super-burner and have it fix itself. :slight_smile:

I bought a Acer 20x burner when they were first out… It would not burn a successful cd with anything, not even Nero or the program they provided with the burner. I contacted them about it, it took them a week to respond, and only provided links to their website which was of no help at all. I took the burner back to Best Buy and bought a TDK 24x Velo Cd… It works fine

Plextor didn’t even ask about anything when i broke my Plexie. They just said, send it in, and so i got a tottally new plextor offcharge…

I dont know about my burner, but when i used a right firmware for my Creative DVD player, and it didnt work anymore, i just sent it and they gave me a new one :), withouth any troubles.

HP = BAD! Ok. I did make the first mistake by buying an HP 7110i. Cut me some slack though. This was back in 1997 and HP had the first affordable 2x burner for the consumer market. But it was a P.O.S. It broke every month. HP always replaced it but the downtime was equal to the uptime and I really got sick of having a burner in the mail more often than in my computer. My $400 should have bought me more than that. After 6 replacements, I demanded they send me something other than a factory refurb which they assured me was simply physically impossible. (Why do they lie? Why not just say “Hey, I’m a minimum wage grunt and I just don’t have the authority. Here’s my manager, ask him.”) Anyhoo… I explained to them that 6 replacement drives and all this tech support time were burning their money. I did the math and showed them that shipping cost of these replacements alone had chewed away any profit they’d made from the sale. I asked them what they’d like to do. They sent me another refurb. But days later. I got a call from some chick at HP who asked if I’d like a refurbed 8110 instead. I jumped on it. The 8110 was not only a 4x drive (to replace my 2x) but was also a rebranded Sony and is still running today, albeit, not in my computer anymore. :slight_smile: All in all, I give HP points for being one of the few bueaucracies capable of listening to reason but they still lose points for their amazing complacency.

Additional note: This is before HP outsourced all their tech support. These days, you can’t reason with support at all since they have no direct interest in the profits of the company you actually bought from.