What's your driving style?


No option for me. Never got a driver’s license and never tried. I touched a handle for some seconds, that’s all. It’s not a secret that I want automobiles banned instantly. :bigsmile:

I’m somewhat faster and extremely aggressive!! ROAD RAGE…your good over here if you can talk on your cell…honk the horn and give the finger all at the same time and take time to smile at those your flipping off :slight_smile:

Slow and careful. :iagree:

Used to be insane, but had a head on smash due to arrogance, ignorance and stupidity. Fortunately parties involved survived. Being a family man now I’m not in a hurry to die or kill. I dont think most people realise what a deadly weapon a motor vehicle is. A study in AU showed driving fast and weaving traffic saves just over 2 minutes over 10kms on average. The risk of killing someone including yourself triples. I’ll stop preaching now, I still speed on occasion, no matter what studies show I believe its inexperienced, careless, inattentive, fatigued, drug or Alcohol induced driving that kills not speed. (unless its like 2x or 3x the posted limit)

Safe if I have pasengers (but a little fast and slightlly agressive). If I’m by myself, very agressive but still only a little fast. I’ll accelerate like a bat out of hell sometimes but I wont break the speed limit by more than 5-15 mph (way to may speeding tickets when I was younger). I try to be a little safe though. I will turn on my blinker a half a second before I cut you off or jump right in front of you.

I am careful (but not slow) when I’m not in a hurry. I cant stand people who drive 80 when its 90 though. Also people in front of you who start to accelerate to motorway speed when they’re about to turn onto it earns a slap from me.

no option for riding? must ride fast

Many people in this town of about 50,000 population drive at nearly 50km/h inside apartment complex (where speed limit is 20km/h) where children often play. People driving bigger and heavier cars tend to drive in a more imposing and threatening fashion. Just like smokers in a very crowded street or restaurant, they don’t care much about others, but it’s only what happen in South Korea, a very savage never-developed world where the ignorant and selfish residents think they got the rights and power to do harm to everyone else if they can smoke and if they can drive big cars. Pathetic mentality. It’s often that I find cigar remains on my apartment balcony though nobody at my home ever smokes.

how can 61.54% drive faster then average?!?

Fast, fast, fast!!!

We (CDFreaks members) don’t represent the average driver.

still a learner!

Remember kids, trees hurt.

I tend to drive according to Wet Mulder (Mulder’s Law) which states that if you drive less than 30km/h (on normal roads) or 40km/h (on highways) too fast you just get fined and not arrested. :slight_smile:

The maximum speed limit on Dutch highways is 120km/h , so i usually drive 159 km/h on them :slight_smile:

My driving style can be summed up as follows:


I’m sure a person of your cal-i-ber can figure it out.

Its a red L.
L… long, left, large… You drive large limos that can only turn left? :bigsmile:

I’m kind of a fast driver as well. Of course that depends on the traffic, weather, time of day, how I feel and the tune on the radio, but most times, I have a hard time minding the speedlimits. Luckily our car can’t do faster than 200 (170 is still fine, after that it gets kinda hard to keep it on the road).
At daytime, I usually drive about 20kph too fast. At night, I don’t care (esp on highways) and I do whatever I like. In the 6 years I’ve been driving, I got fined twice for doing 10kph over the limit.

I also drive a lot in Germany… many of the German highways don’t have real speedlimits. So that’s kind of freeplay to me (160/170kph).

Oh btw… my gf sometimes drives like she’s insane… she really doesn’t give a damn about speedlimits. She still hasn’t been caught once (in the 2 years she’s had her license).