What's your current mobile phone?

I know this has been asked before but I assume some of you might have changed phones. I just switched my Sony Ericsson P800 for a Samsung D-500 since it’s much smaller. What mobile phone are you currently using (most)?

Motorola V525
Nice :iagree:

Sony Ericsson K700i
:smiley: :iagree: :bigsmile:


Sony Ericsson K700i + Sony Ericsson Bluetooth Headset HBH-600
Firmware (Phone): R2AE033 - very new, very stable… :wink:

btw: great phone! :slight_smile:

Nec E101 (think thats the model number) my sons old one as he just got a new camera phone for xmas (or is this the new one im not sure) as i have not actually tried it yet.
Dont like phones much anyway would rather be face to face…

I never use my phone, so I dont know why I bother with them, anyway:

NEC e228

Eeek you have the 3! Does it work at all? 3 is getting flogged for not working here :iagree:
I have a SE T230 which I use once in a week, tops…

3 is great if you are in the right place, but 1/2 the stuff doesnt work at my house (we are not in video area), so I have to use the video/high speed stuff in other places.

Ben :slight_smile:

SonyEricsson T68i. :rolleyes:

Nokia 6100 & 6310 after my 6210 faced contact with a little too much water :slight_smile:

Nec e616
Biggest hunk of crap. :Z
Only got it for another 3 months, then can upgrade.
With 3 also.
Quite good here in Aus. In the metro areas anyway.
Country its another story, but im sure its the phones fault :stuck_out_tongue:

Siemens S65 :slight_smile:

Believe it or not, this one
It doesn’t have a lot of nifty features or a camera or internet or a color screen. Still, it’s indestructable and it can get a signal where most other phones cannot.

Siemens SL55 Motorola V600 both great

Sony Ericsson z600 good overall, great battery time crap camera

Sony Ericsson P910i. Christmas present. Love it. :slight_smile:

That’s an expensive present. :iagree:

Hehe…the wife wanted jewellery, so I got to pick my own prezzy. :wink:

still using my trusty old nokia 8310(almost 3yrs old), probebly one of the best nokias ever made :bow: