What's your cd burning speed

what’s your cd burning speed ?
16X OR slower?

Do you mean, which speed to we prefer to burn at?

If so: I like to burn data at 32x and audio at 16x - just personal preference, though. :slight_smile:

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No slower than 16X with modern media. I usually use 16X or 24X.

For Audio CDs I burn at 16x or 24x dependng on drive (e.g. 24x on Pioneer DVR-112L, 16x on Plextor PX-760A).

For Data CDs jitter is less important so I burn at 16x, 24x or 32x depending on drive and media.

In my experience, burning at 48x greatly increases the risk of having poor burns, and even 40x increases that risk for some burners and media.

16x is Constant Linear Velocity on most drives and produces the lowest jitter, but there are a few exceptions.

I usually burn audio cds at 8x or 16x depending of the dirve.
I have done several tests to see which is the best burning speeds for my drives:

4x ----> Bad results (high c1 and jitter)
8x ----> Best results (low c1 and jitter)
16x —> Good results (a bit higher than burning at 8x, but it’s OK)
24x and up —> Unacceptable (not readable, c2, etc)

Pioneer DVR-115
4x —> Average results (medium c1 and jitter)
10x —> Good results
16x —> Best results
24x and up —> Haven’t tested :stuck_out_tongue:

You have to test your drives, but usually 8x or 16x for me are the best burning speeds.