What's your burning speed?

I can’t help but notice that people have previously been stockpiling media … and one admission in the Shopping-Whore thread offers the fact that his media is now two years old!

Of course, two years ago … 16x media was … rare-ish so I’m guessing it’s lower speed media.

So the question is … what’s your most common burning speed?

8x (for 8x media) and 12x (for most 16x media). :slight_smile:

Better speed it’s related on the media :wink:

some media require a certain speed, and other media a different speed :bigsmile:

12 is lagom

BLAH, i burn T02 at 18x on the Optiarc drives. :stuck_out_tongue: with better results than T03 at 18x on any drive. :smiley:

Get Dee with her 18x! :bigsmile:…I haven’t tried an 18x burn yet with my Sammy.

I burned @18x with Sony/optiarc :stuck_out_tongue:

Both MCC004 and Yuden media with excellent results :bigsmile:

I think my HDD needs to get a defrag, I would’nt be able to sustain 18x burns…

Same thread? What burn speed you normally use? :stuck_out_tongue:

My Optiarc AD-7173 using 18x burning = Coaster factory
This is true for all DVD media I have tried media except Taiyo Yuden 16x DVD±R media (Plextor branded), and that includes MCC 004, YUDEN000 T02, TTH02, SonyD21, Sony16D1, CMC MAG. AM3.

Well, to be honest, there are some drives that will read the MCC 004 burned at 18x in my Optiarc 7173, but most drives won’t.

If your drive suddenly stops working as well as you’d like it to, it isn’t because I secretely replaced it during the night with my own 7173 - honestly, it wasn’t me! :stuck_out_tongue:

I burn mostly at 8x which is fast enough for me and which is best for most 8x and 16x rated media in my drives, and it’s almost always better than 12x burning when jitter is considered and when multiple scans are taken into consideration, but for some drives and media I burn at 6x instead which is CLV in some drives (e.g. Plextor PX-712) and which can improve the PIE/PIF/Jitter even further than burning at 8x, and in my laptop burner it’s not advisable to burn at 8x so I burn at 6x.

I more or less only burn faster than 8x when I’m testing stuff - and of curse when I’m burning CD-R(W) media.

Yeah … but that poll is broken :stuck_out_tongue:

No it isn’t. :disagree:

In a multiple select poll, the percentages will always add up to more than 100% if just a single person votes for more than one choice. This has nothing to do with the forum software - it’s just simple statistics.

The percentages are the number of voters who have voted for an option divided by the total number of voters (not the total number of votes) because that is the most meaningful statistic; calculating the number of votes for an option divided by the total number of votes doesn’t make much sense in a multiple select poll.

If everyone who votes choses to vote for e.g. option “2” because they all like that option, then the percentage for that option should be 100% - not some lower number just because the voters also voted for other options.

Here endeth the voting lesson. :stuck_out_tongue:

4x for my YUDEN000 T01, and MCC 002.
8x for my YUDEN000 T02, and MCC 003.
12x for most of my 16x rated media.
16x for some of my 16x rated media (mostly MCC 004).

Depends on the media for me. I average about 12x though.


Showoff :bigsmile: - very nice though, I’m impressed. :clap:

Mine is media/burner dependant. 8x and 12x are the most widely used by me though with an occasional 16x with a good batch of MCC004’s and my BQ 1655 BCIB.


/me is frantically checking all my drives :eek:

My old Samsung burns at upto 8x
My new LiteOn goes fast… just copied an audi CD to find out how fast and it was 40x. :eek:
I don’t burn that fast normally, out of concern the pc may become airborne.

Since I also don’t stockpile old media like the rest of you Shopping-Whores, I couldn’t do much more investigation. However, as confesse, I do have a huge stockpile of shoes, so simply tried inserting one into the Litey.
Blimey! The results were stunning as you can see :slight_smile:

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