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Hi The Green light is “always” on Read even though there is no disc inside. Hardware is Plexwriter PX-W1210S on Adaptec AHA-2940U2W on Windows XP. If i put disc then the windows hangs. Is the scsi cable improperly inserted? Thanks.


It sounds like your SCSI cable is plugged into the card backwards. Try turning the connector round 180 degrees and plug it in that way.


no success. I tried as you said but this time no device found during the scan. I even changed the cable. Any ideas? BTW chipset is Nvidia nforce2 mobo.

Hi starfarer, welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:

I have some of hints for you:

  1. if you are using the accelerated IDE drivers from nVidia, I strongly suggest to remove them and use the standard IDE drivers.

  2. check SCSI termination on your devices: if you do not have other SCSI devices attached to the bus, your Plextor 121032S must be terminated. Moreover, if you don’t have any SCSI external device (i.e. a scanner) connected to the SCSI adapter, also the adapter must be terminated: this is done “automagically” most of the times by the adapter itself (with an “Auto” setting), but sometimes you have to set it manually. To do that, you have to access the SCSI setup at boot time (CTRL-A ?), and set something like “Low On, High On” (“low” refers to the narrow bus, where you have connected the Plex, while “high” refers to the wide bus, where you generally have SCSI U2W hard disks :stuck_out_tongue: ).

  3. if you have other SCSI devices, make sure that there aren’t different devices with the same SCSI address.

Hope this helps,


Finally!!! i think removing the nvidia ide drivers and installing the MS drivers did the trick. Now no more windows hangups during the read of discs.

  1. Is it normal that the Green light is always on at “Disc read -ON” when there is no CD?
  2. Which is better NERO or Plextools professional?
    Thanks guys.

1.) Nero is better

2.) What the hell do the Nvidia IDE drivers have to do with an adaptec card??

What the hell do the Nvidia IDE drivers have to do with an adaptec card??

Because it can conflict with other software and hardware.

I’d say both. Nero is king for audio and data compilations, PlexTools is superb for DAE and controlling your drive. You can use both software packages without problems by the way.