Whats wrong?



Yeah, I wanted to back up a PS2 game, I just got a modchip thingy Swapgate not too long ago. I can’t choose protection once it detects CD and change the burning speed. Help!!!


Also, if it helps I have AnyDVD, Nero StartSmart (but doesn’t work that well).


Why dont you use nero to back up playstation games,i do and have no problems.


That I will do, but it does work nonetheless. New qusetion… it seems as though some PS2 games either take a hella long time to load, then freeze or they just don’t work at all. So far I wasted as much as DVD’s as I did suceeded with them. Reasons?


use dvd decrypter - iso read mode


^ For what? Can you be more specific? FOr the whole process?


FOr the whole process? = yes

dvd decrypter/mode/iso read
dvd decrypter/mode/iso write


the ps2 is fussy about media… the fact that its scanning the disk for a long time and sometimes not working suggests it doesnt like your blanks. If youre using +R try -R maybe try +RW and -RW as well…


I usually use +R I’ll try -R

Thanks for the tip, thats helpful BIG THANKS MATE Not sure if it’ll work but let’s see