Whats Wrong with Verbatim DVD+R DL

I have two DVD-RW drives.

Pioneer DVR-A09 and BenQ DW1655.

both drives say that Verbatim DVD+R DL is only 2.4x

both drives got the latest firmware. WTF is going on. BenQ is brand new. but i remember i was burning that media at 6x only Pioneer. what is going on!

don’t know about the pioneer, but benq forgot to include the write stragegy in the firmwware for the verbatim discs, hopefully it’ll be included in the next firmware.

so the drive just writes it at default speed, and won’t allow overspeeding, and uses solidburn because theres no write strategy.

Not a media issue. It’s the firmware which decides the writing speed for a given MID.

Bad quality of the media can impact the writing speed during the burn (through the drive’s WOPC) but doesn’t have ANY impact on the available choices for writing speed. :disagree:

The problem lies with your burners, not with the discs.

thanks for info zod

actually my pio is back to normal, maybe it was some fluke

I have both drives. I can burn the Verb +R DL up to 6X with Pioneer A09 while the 1655 will burn up to 8X if you use MCSE and swap the writing strategy of MKM 001 (2.4X - 6X Verb) with MKM 003 (8X Verb).

thank you ala42 just helped me out

Actually, I think with the BenQ 1655, you just need to use Qsuite to enable overspeeding, or else the burner will just burn at the rated speed.

SolidBurn only works with single layer + and dash media, not ±DL or RW (or any of the cd media types for that matter).

I was going to say. I have the Pioneer 109 with the old stock V1.40 firmware and it burns the 2.4x D/L Verbatims at 6x every time. Glad you got it sorted.