Whats wrong with this scan?



I have a BenQ 1620 (G7T9) and did my first scan. I don’t really know much about the scanning, and how long it should take (this one took 220min) but this is the result. There is no overall score (and it wasn’t set to quick scan either)

Please tell me whats happend!


What version of CD-Speed is that?



Why is the speed so SLOW?


It’s probably a firmware issue. It looks like you have a bulk version of the DW1620 and not retail, and CD-Speed must not like the bulk firmware version.


K, i’ll flash a BenQ firmware

Im running the Nero CD-DVD Speed test now, and its going good. The speed is high (8X) at the end of the run.

Whats going on? How long should a DVD scan take?


The Bulk version G7T9 doesn’t work correctly with 3.61. No PIFs are reported and the speed is slooooooow. This is the same condition that exist with 47N9 which is the external firmware…


I’m not sure how long scans at 8x take on a BenQ, 10 minutes or so? To the original poster, you might try the new version of Nero ( as it comes with a new version of CD Speed (3.70).


Thanks, you are correct.

I have flashed to the newest BenQ firmware and its all going well. Thanks for all your help!

Ps. How is this scan then? Please?


Heh? ???

I just checked the website (http://www.nero.com), and they are showing, dated Jan. 17, 2005, as the latest. Do you know something the rest of us don’t, or do you just have access to better drugs? :slight_smile:




That’s right.
Nero is the latest version. Seems that it was released yesterday.
This version adds LightScribe support and adds support for DVD-R Dual Layer format

Here’s another link to download it:

Here you can read Nero Release Notes: