What's wrong with this picture?

I’ve burned about 80 dvd’s of a senior class video for my work and months later people are coming back saying they have problems playing the video. Well, until recently, I didn’t have an adequate drive for doing discs scans and now I do. It’s now very clear why they’re having problems playing them on their dvd players. The person that wanted the copies gave me the discs so I don’t know where they got them from. Supposedly, they’re Taiyo Yudens. Is there any way to tell if these are fakes or not. If they’re not fakes then why would they be so bad? I’ve never had burns this bad! I’ve never used Taiyo Yuden before, but from what I heard they’re supposed to be very good. I generally get Verbatims at Sam’s Club. A 50 pack of verbatim 8x (of both formats) are $17. Well here’s the results:

Yikes. I certainly hope those aren’t really Taiyo Yuden discs. The proof is in the stamper code. If they don’t have a serial number starting with “GH” on the dye side of the discs, they aren’t TY discs. If they do though, you either got a particularly horrible batch of TYG03 or your LG is in bad shape…

Yes, check for the code, as Two Degrees suggested. The only sure conclusion is that those DVDs are total crap. If the hub has no code on it, it’s definitely fake.

As per your suggestions, I checked the disc and there is a stamp on it which is GH00076. So unless there’s another way to check who knows what really happened. I guess someone fell asleep at the factory and something went wrong with this batch? Anyhow, LG drives are really awsome drives to have, as well as, LITE-ON. I think that they make a great team together.

Here show LG’s supriority in reading over the LITE-ON. The first one is the LG drive reading this horrible TYG03 disc and the second is the LITE-ON reading the same disc. The last picture is the scan I just did of my newly burned disc that I’m going to give to them which was burned at 6x on my LITE-ON 1693S. It’s not the greatest burn that i’ve ever done, but it is still very acceptable. From the tests that i’ve done with these disc it appears that they like to be burned at 1 speed slower than their max. They seems to burn slightly better this way. I’ve noticed that dvd-r’s have less errors than dvd+r’s. Is this normal? I’ve seem people with total pif failures of less than 100 and wonder how they do it. Is this the best that i can get out of these MCC 003 disc’s? Would the newer MCC 004’s burn better?

Well I can show you my TY scans and the total PIF counst on a full disc is usually between 25-34 with individual PIFs max to 1, with 1 or 2 spots with 2 :slight_smile:

You could have a bad drive…or a really bad batch :smiley: (or both)

Try burning other types of media on both writers just for troubleshooting.