Whats wrong with Ricoh D01 DL media

well today i bought a 25 pack of TDK 8x DL media.

Tried to burn these disc on 3 burners, and i get very simular results.

BenQ DW1655
Pioneer DVR-111L

For some reason with 3 burns i get this weird ring. And disc are not readable.

WTF :expressionless:

I’m gonna do like [B]chef[/B]: :slight_smile:

[B]Only use Verbatim DL[/B]. Period.

Only use Verbatim DL (MIS), enough said

/edit/ Francksoy is faster than me :rolleyes:

It’s simple
Ricoh D01 is made by 3 manufacturers officially (and by some chinese manufacturers unofficially)
Support is qutie mixed allready, next take into account that 2 out of 3 of these manufacturers (RITEK (Who made your disc) and MBIL) seem to have quite some variations in media. And it explains why people keep recommending Verbatim over this.

Hmmm nothing seems to be wrong with them, since they are doing what we all predict from non verbatim DL media, which is to not work correctly :stuck_out_tongue:

Just try to get a refund :slight_smile:

my dynex ricoh’s were worse. but got them for cheap. 15 disks in slim cases for 1 dollar during a comp usa sale here in california. so far 2 good burns out of 16. most failed eiter during the layer break or closing the disk. probably a bad batch

Think i’ll agree there… But as a real freak i have some Datawrite RICOH’s and they work fine for me. As does the HP CMC’s i tried. DL will not be important for me but i had to try some of the discs anyway :wink:

Of course :wink: - BTW I recommend Verbatim only because there’s the hardware variation to consider… CMC DL seems to be okay or even good in some burners, but I generally recommend discs that are the most peace-of-mind for most users… :wink:

that probably will not work. I already thrown away those 3 bad disc.

So, the discs should be declared as defective, right? :wink: That’s how you can get a refund: the discs do not work for the purpose intended. Insist that they simply do not work. If they’re gonna tell you that it’s your burner, tell them that you haven’t been warned that one needed a special burner, nor is it written anywhere on the package. Go get them! :iagree: