What's wrong with my Plextor CD-RW (burning related)?



Yesterday, I was burning some data compilations using Nero (which I’ve used many times before with no probs) but found that the CD-R couldn’t be read after I’d finished the burn. It seemed that the burn completed okay, but when it tried to verify the data (this is an option Nero has) it seemed to have some trouble reading the disc.

Also, when I tried to copy the data from the CD-R back to the HDD, the time remaining started going up to e.g. 50, 120, 184 minutes and the disc didn’t seem to be spinning in the drive. The drive definately seemed to be having problems reading the CD-R and I don’t think any data was being copied to the HDD.

I tried about 4 or 5 burns, with different data, and had the same prob with all of them. Today, I found that my CD-RW can read and copy all the data from these seemingly bad burns that I made yesterday, at least some of the time. I’ve tried copying the same data to the HDD a number of times and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.

Unfortunately, I’m able to copy the data from the CD-Rs to a HDD on another PC with no probs what-so-ever. Does this inconsistency, on my PC, mean that my Plextor burner is dying? Is there anything I can do, or will I need to stump up £80 for a Plexy Premium drive?


The latest ide drivers and bios updates have been installed?


Well, I haven’t changed anything at all for this problem to have occured. I’m using the same DataLifePlus media and the same burning program. I’m guessing that I’m just going to have to buy a new drive.


I had a similar problem recently and I think that CDSpeed and Nero don’t work together well – it’s their own utility, I know. If there are no other drivers that could interfere, well, check all the connectors and cables first. I used to have a system that didn’t work at all, where even the video card didn’t show up. I found out later that a hair of my beard seemed to have found its way into the pci slot. :-))


What kind of RW do you have? How old? Test the read transfer rate with Nero CD Speed and a stamped audio or data disc. If the drive has a read problem, it will not graph a smooth curve. In that case, RMA or scrap the drive if out of warranty. If the read curve is good, try it with your CD-R/RW media. If the read curve is bad, could be a read issue. Try with an older disc you recorded before this all happened. If you get a good curve, you may have some bad discs.