What's wrong with my mouse?

My mouse pointer suddenly slows down sometimes - and I can’t get it back to its normal speed - even by setting it to the fastest in the mouse properties in control panel. The only way to get it back is to restart my pc. Does anyone have any idea what’s wrong? Am using MS IntelliExplorer, btw, and never had problems before.

Do you have IntelliPoint running? If not maybe installing it can help, I’ve never experienced the problems you have so I can’t really tell.
But a guess is that having IntelliPoint running should keep cursorspeed constant.

I may be completly wrong, but I never heard of anything resembling your problem…

No - am not running any mouse-related software whatsoever - dun really use all the extra functions. But I’ll try installing the IntelliPoint tonight and see if it helps. The problem is that the slowdown occurs just like that - out of the blue - sometimes when I’m in the middle of Counter Strike or while I’m browsing the internet, so I can’t really specify what action that might trigger it.

Is called lag. When you are browsing online or playing games online, your processor and memory are being used. When loading a big page or anything demanding your processor prioritizes that to receive more RAM then you mouse program. The only thing I can suggest is upgrading the amount of RAM you have and/or getting a faster processor.

Well, the problem still persists (even with intellipoint running). What am i supposed to do now? I checked MS Knowledgebase with no avail. I have 512MB of DDR RAM, never had this kind of problem before and I haven’t done anything unusual. Right now I’m only watching Seinfeld (zoomplayer), kazaalite, one browser window (this one) and my pointer suddenly slowed down again. This is getting very irritating :a

I you go to Control panel->Mouse, does the speed-bar (cursor-speed setting) change from it’s default value when you get the slowdowns?

No - the setting still stayed the same. I had to move the slider to the furthest right everytime the slowdown occured - even THAT is STILL slower than usual. My usual is one ‘step’ from the middle. And everytime this thing happened, there’s no big apps eating up resource or ram (I checked in Windows Task Manager). Like last nigth my resource meter was about 12-13% used when it happened and I still had about 390MB of physical RAM free. WTF :confused: :confused:

It may sound stupid but since I’ve seen this kind of problem with that exact mouse (Intellipoint Explorer), have you tried another one to see whether that helps? In my case replacing the mouse solved the problem.

Also, if it’s USB, it’s going to have some lag effects when processing is high. PS2 mice work much better in that respect, they’re connected more directly to the hardware.

Or maybe you have some sort of sharing conflict. Something may be working on the USB port…

Anyway I’m going to stop babbling, this is just speculation. Just try another mouse and see whether that helps. At least that should settle the software/hardware issue.

If you’re looking for a better replacement, may I be biased and suggest a Logitech instead. They make very durable mice and very nice software. I often try new mice for fun but always come back to my favorite, the one that fits my hand perfectly, the MouMan+. 4 years old, pads worn out, hard to find actually but still smooth and effective.


The thing is, this problem is so unpredictable, I’m really BLANK as to what triggers it but would really like to know. I’ve been trying to do so many different things, like encode divx, printing, browsing and scanning all at the same time but still can’t reproduce the problem.

This mouse is USB version but I connect it to PS2 port instead using PS2 pass-through. I have ADSL modem and scanner which is connected through USB port - even they have no problem running at the same time.

What the hell - I might as well get a replacement - don’t really have backup mouse here. Plus my gf has been complaining about the size of this intelli explorer - she said it’s too big for her hand - or maybe my hands are too big :bigsmile: :bigsmile: ?

:bigsmile: Yeah, gotta fill 'em hands, hehe :bigsmile:

is your mouse a ball mouse or an optical mouse?

If its a ball mouse, try cleaning it.

If you still need a replacement, I would agree with 83bj60, Logitech is the best, buy one of their optimice, they’re really cool.

Originally posted by kwkard
[B]is your mouse a ball mouse or an optical mouse?

If its a ball mouse, try cleaning it.


IntelliMouse Explorer = optical. There’s no ball version of it.

what kind of surface is it on, i don’t know if it would make a difference or not.

Maybe your mouse is dying.

Perhaps you should flash it with the newest firmware;)

My cordless optical gets a lower scan res when it’s batteries are going flat.

Have you tried changing the batteries if it it’s cordless?

I also have a wooden varnished desk, and in certain sections where it has alternating darklight lines, I get very bad performance from it.

Try a consistent surface, ie A plain white piece of paper, not a mouse pad with a printed picture.

My mouse is not cordless.

I’ve tried different surfaces - from simple flat plastic (my table is plastic) to different types of mouse pads. Now I’m using solid black coloured mouse pad, this feels the best out of the rest.

The problem, however, hasn’t surfaced in the last 4 days. If it happens again I’m definetely getting myself a new mouse. Cheers for all your help!

I’ve also got a problem with my Intelli Mouse Explorer. If it is plugged into the USB, after some time of operation it stops responding. This does not happen, when it’s plugged into PS/2-Port. I thought that this might be an IRQ Problem, because USB-IRQ is 9, which is also used for Graphics Card,…
But then I tried it under Win98, where the USB-IRQ is not shared, and it stopped responding after a while too.
Perhaps these mice do not like, how some users hold them in their hand?? :confused:

I have the exact same problem… I think.

USB Optical mouse, mines a microsoft POS. Intelliwhatever. cheapest one I could find.

First problem was it randomly shutting off on me. Checked all my settings, it shouldn’t have been doing it, but it did. Solution: use an adapter to put it into the old nine-pin hole. It worked.

NOW… I’ll be playing a game (so far it’s happened during Dungeon Siege and Asheron’s Call), and it’s like someone just changed my pointer speed to the lowest setting. No lag whatsoever… it’s perfectly smooth and responsive. It’s just about half the speed that it should be. I have to skate to the edges of my mousepad to get around the screen.

If I restart, the problem is fixed… for awhile.

This forum is the first and only mention of this problem I’ve seen on the net.

No lag. No batteries. The connections are fine. The software was made for w95, and I’m on xp. My cpu isn’t doing anything remotely strenuous. In fact, I’m not doing anything that I haven’t been doing for years now.

So here’s the question: if an optical mouse is dying, why would that halve the pointer speed? It’s not choppy at all, it’s just slow.

I’m going to go with the assumtion that that’s the problem. I hate my mouse, and now it’s dying. RAR!