What's wrong with my DW1655?

Hi all

I’m experiencing some serious issues with my Benq DW1655. Until lately I was mostly burning CDs, which didn’t make any troubles. I must admit I really didn’t care too much about disc quality. I burnt them, it was fast and I didn’t have any problems reading them afterwards.

But recently I bought a Verbatim 16X DVD+R pack (ID: MCC 004, Made in India), 10 Discs with printable surface, because I heard they were of good quality. They were intended to be used for testing the printable surface, because I’m about to burn about 100 DVDs in next time. But now I’m facing a lot of problems and after reading hours of threads and searching for information on the net (because I never bothered about this whole burning thing before), I spent the last couple of days running burn tests and reading information, but I’m totally confused now. Hopefully some of you pros can help me solve this matter. I’m trying to provide as much information as possible so prepare for some graphs ^^ :stuck_out_tongue:

Btw. I use Nero
So here’s my story :bigsmile:

The first 2 DVD’s didn’t even start burning because of a “session fixation error”. Reading on the net I found some advise to update to a new firmware. So I updated from BCAB to BCHB. Then the burning process started but took about 16 minutes with lots of failures. Reading again on the net I realized this is a known issue with BCHB. So I downgraded to BCGB. Burning takes now 6-8 minutes, but the quality is a mess as far as I can tell.

I will add some graphs in the next couple of posts, I hope this isn’t considered as spamming - but I don’t know how to show them in one post without completly messing the thread :confused:

Ok, so here we go:
This is typical result for most of my burnt Verbatim DVDs; reasonable graphs for about 90% of the scan process and than dropping significantly at the last 10% with lots of PO failures. Second image, same behaviour but even worse…

Because all of them only had problems in the last 10%, I burnt a DVD with only 3.6 GB, which ended up being alot better than the others, but I’m not sure if this is considered as an acceptable result (probably not, facing the fact both the drive and media are known to be of better quality, at least that’s what my impression as a newbie is :o )

Next I used the same media in a Nec ND-6650A DVD writer on my Dell Laptop. Again problems starting at 3.5 GB. My conclusion until now: the media is crap, especially at the end. Although I read the opposite on the net :frowning:

Now things are getting weird. I tried some different media I happend to have at home (Platinum Plus DVD+R, 16x, ID: Ritek R05). Again very bad results (first image).

Because I’m getting frightened that my Benq drive isn’t as reliable as I thought, I scanned some older media (Imation DVD-R 8x, ID: FUJIFILM03), which I burnt about 3 months ago. Oops, really bad too. I don’t know how a proper scan of such a DVD would look like, but I don’t think as bad as the second image:

Finally I burnt an Audio CD (see attached image) - this was the only result which turned out ok, I guess.

Therefore I have no idea what’s wrong with the drive or the media or whatever, but in considerations with even worse problems with other firmware I think there’s something terribly bad going on. The possibilities I came up with are:

  1. The Benq drive is broken, although this wouldn’t explain why I got the same results on my laptop.

  2. All the different media I tried are bad. But I think this is highly doubtful, at least the Verbatim are supposed to be good.

  3. The functions of my Benq drive used for scanning are broken. Would at least explain why I get bad results with totally different media with different age and even with different drives. Until now I didn’t have the possiblity to use another drive for scanning (the dvd drive in my laptop seems not capable of this task). Also I don’t know if this is technically even possible?!?

After all I would be thankful for any suggestions you may have, because I really don’t know what I’m supposed to think about all this stuff. Again I never dealt with this things and actually just want to burn some dvds - I’m not looking for perfect quality like others here, but the results I got look at least scary to me, if you tell me they aren’t, I’m happy too :flower:

I still got warranty for the drive, so I could probably return it, but I wouldn’t even know what to tell them, because I have no idea, what/why the scans are so terrible…

Anyway, thanks for any help.

ps: I hope my post is understandable, sorry English isn’t my native language… In case of any unclarities please ask…

Although I dont have MCC004 Made in India, but I heard lots of bad stories about it. Also I can confirm that FUJIFILM003 is one of my worst media. And Ritek DVD should be avoided if possible except their CDs are fine.

Nevertheless, you can try burning your DVDs at 8x or 12x. What other media you can find locally? Any MCC004 Made in Taiwan or TY?

Finally, what is your SolidBurn and WOPC settings? Enable or Disabled?

MCC004 Made in Taiwan

I use that media with my 1655 & consistantly get good results - 95-97 QS. Also, I limit my burning speed to 8x, & I never burn past 4300.

I have found that the edge of media is usually where the problem spot is. I wounder if maybe you got into a bad batch of discs? I wouldn’t fault the burner right away.

I just ran a burn at 8x and the result is basically the same, Data Verfication failed and the scan shows problems at the end…

I’ll see tomorrow what other media I can get here… I hope I’ll find some MCC004 from Taiwan…

About the SolidBurn and WOPC settings, I have no idea :o I read about them before, but don’t know what they are supposed to do or even where to change them…

@katzz, not burning past 4300 isn’t really a solution because all my images are 4.35gb… About the bad batch - maybe that’s the case, but I think it’s strange I got bad scans with 3 different blanks…

What do you all think about this “good-until-last-10%” behaviour? Could this be either bad media or broken burner?

Thanks for your replies…

edit: btw. I’ll scan my burnt media today in a Nec 3500 at a friends computer… And I’ll burn one (second last) of my Verbatims with his drive, maybe this helps clearing things up…

No you won’t. The NEC ND-3500AG is not capable of disc quality scanning except with experimental firmware never released to the public. :disagree:
If your friend has a newer NEC drive however, then you can perform a scan.

Yeah, you were right :smiley:
So no scans of my media from his drive, but I burnt one of my discs with the NEC 3500AG, see image #1… This already looks familiar to me :a So definitely the media is posing a problem…

My friend had some other Verbatims at home (ID: MCC 03RG20). I tried one in my Benq and this at least looks way better than my MCC 004s. Although the PI Errors are really high, aren’t they? (image #2)

Well after all, I installed the QSuite and ran the QScan on the very last of my own Verbatims… With either 16x and 12x I got an error saying this dvd isn’t suitable, but with 8x I got an OK :bow:

Now look at third screenshot - finally, with 8x I could get a reasonable result :eek:

Note to self: Listen to what QScan says and hopefully in the future have better use for a 10 pack than just ending up with only 1 working disc :slight_smile:

Thanks for all your help!

Both of my dw1650’s can produce scans like yours for disks that will scan fine in my dw1640 or Liteon. Sometimes you have to suspect the scan and you need a second drive of another type to confirm a scan. My Liteon serves this purpose.

My Liteon is not a perfect scanner either. It will sometimes produces significantly different scans of the same disk when scanned twice in a row.

Scanning is tough work. It’s not made any easier by the fact we’re using made in china cheap hardware with budget engineering.

I’m using Indian MCC 004 at the moment and they seem to be good, although I get slightly better results from Taiwanese (LightScribe) ones. Maybe yours is a bad batch? Or even fakes? Do not bother burning Platinums, (if you want your data to be still there a couple of years down the line…) Regarding the -R verbs (MCC 03RG20), your results are not surprising, both my BenQs burn these with scores ranging from 93 to 95.

I have a similar problem with a DW 1655 drive. I use it to scan discs written by other units, which I know are at least decently written (the Scan Disc on another unit gives a 100% score) - and half way through the process the drive starts reporting huge PI Failures and also large numbers of PO Failures (uncorrectable read errors, that is). This only happens on some discs; other similar discs written on the same unit (an LG) at the same speed are read just fine (by the Benq), with pif totals of 2-3 hundreds, max up to 5-6. I have used Verbatim MIT +R 16x (burned at 4x and 8x) and TY -R 8X (burned at 4x and 8x).

I belive the drive has problems with disc quality testing, yet since it seems the issue is not widespread, I hope I have just run into a bad batch or unit. I will probably take it back to the distributor, along with some incriminating discs. In the meantime, any suggestions ?

No drive maker sells drives claiming it will perform well with CD-DVD Speed.

If you replace it with another BenQ, I expect you’ll get the same results since I get the same thing. If you plan to get another drive, please let us all know which drive is a great scanner and a great burner. To my knowledge, such a drive does not exist, and I own a bunch.


About the bad batch - maybe that’s the case, but I think it’s strange I got bad scans with 3 different blanks…
you mean from the same spindle?

I have had that happen to me; I will be turning out quality burns & then hit a batch of 3 - 5 bad
discs in a row… :frowning:

just for an experiment; why don’t you burn a disc or 2 at maybe half the size, say 2500 to 3000. If your burner is failing near the end of the burning process, it should carry over to a shorter burn as well.

If it would be the media at fault (near the edges of the disc), it should produce a good burn if only going to the “middle”.

By the way, I am using BCHB firmware. It works well w/ my verb. & ty media. Both QS nicely in the 95-99 range.

Your inital thought may be correct; could be the burner, but I would still try to eliminate the possibility of bad media by attempting a shorter burn & scanning it to see how it turns out!

Good Luck!

regards, katzz :slight_smile:

That’s like saying no car manufacturer sells them claiming they will perform well with Shell Gas or Oil. It should go without saying :wink:
Besides, how do you know it happens because of the compatibility with the test software and not because of the drive itself, either being defective or not reading well other units’ burns ? The later is a much more likely possibility, since if there were such an incompatibility there would have been many more problems and complaints voiced on the forums regarding the scans (most people scan with Nero CD-DVD Speed).
On the other side, I have not yet seen a widespread opinion that Benqs are bad readers, so like I said, I belive I got a bad drive.
Other (educated) opinions ? :slight_smile:

Lonely Bit: there’s some threads that are discussing this issue, where BenQ drives are more “sensitive” when scanning a disc burned in other drives with high jitter, which usually if you burn in high speed (12x and above).

Here’s one of the thread: Which Drive Do I Trust?. I will let you read the thread first and if you have more question you can either post here or in that thread. :wink:

Ok, I finally could get hold of some MCC004 MIT (damn, they’re hard to get around here…). This is the result burned at 12x:

Looks better to me :smiley:

so there is nothing wrong with your 1655 :-)?

How many different types of media did you use? (different spindles or packages). And you were just burning the data side and not using the lightscribe aspect of the drive correct?