What's wrong with my crappy 1213s

Here is a little history

  1. I bought a Liteon 1213s
  2. It burned my OptoDisc4 badly (@4x) (Ave PIE 181, Ave PIF 22)
  3. Crossflashed to CS09, it burns great (@4x) (8.5, 0.11)
  4. Few week later, it burns my OptoDisc4 BADLY again (@4x), the good OptoDisc scans badly also. (370, 56)
  5. Tried CSTJ, BS41, strat swap, but no help (@4x) (440, 25)
  6. I brought it to the computer at work, the burned OptoDisc was better again (@4x CS09) (19, 0.14)
  7. I brought it home, it burns badly again (236, 18)
  8. Then I bought a spindle of MCC003 and burn it at 8x

(Everytime, I reset my EEPROM after crossflashing, I use ASPI 4.6 and Nero 6311, WinXP Sp1a)

Here is the result of MCC003

Did anyone have similar experience? Thanks alot!

You need to buy better media. RICOHJPNR01 is highly recommended for your drive, as is Taiyo Yuden. Optodisc is cheap, 2nd class media, and should be avoided for any drive, most especially a Liteon.

I use MCC003 as I found CS09 gives excellent result on it from the forum.

I am really curious about the fluctuating result. Sometimes good, sometimes bad…

It has to be a reading issue if the good OptoDisc burns with CS09, read badly later on. I can only really suggest the usual things.

1/ IDE cable and position of the drive on the lead (Master on the end).
2/ Remove other drives on the same IDE channel.
3/ Remove any accelerator and packet writing software.

You might want to post, as an attachment, a Nero Infotool report of your system, with all options checked.

Hehe, thanks for the comment in your signature. :slight_smile:


1/ It is attached to the secondary master with a UDMA IDE Cable
2/ I have no drive attached to secondary Slave
3/ I think I don’t have any accelerator and packet writing software (As I don’t like UDF format).

Today, the weather is hotter, I rescan my MCC003 and get better result… How come my drive is so sentitive to temperature? Or did I miss somethings?? I will do little more scan/burn later

:bow: You should have that little reward

NeroInfoTool.TXT (41.4 KB)

Today, I rescan the MCC003 (Same as my previous post), it gives 600 PIE at the beginning. It seems my drive no longer give reliable KProbe scan. Everyday different result!

I also burn another two OptoDiscOR4 discs. They are completely useless and bad reading.

I think my drive is about to retire (Just 3 months old!)

Today, I rescan the MCC003 again, however, I stopped it in the middle as the result is too scary…