What's wrong with my Asus 1608p?

What can I say… my Asus has very very poor burn quality. I don’t know what to do… should I change the firmware? I currently have 1.57 installed. I don’t know what to do… please help!

Here are some dvd-s burned at 4x or 2x speeds. I used Verbatim, Princo, TDK, and Benq if I am not mistaking. :((

Princo :Z

The others hsould give better results, but it also depends on other things than only burner/firmware/media like a good PSU and good cables.

Yes, I know Princo are realy bad… I wouldn’t even call them dvd-s. But, the Verbatim one (MCC004) is among the best ones. And if you look at the first picture, you realise it would have a 95+ score or so, if it weren’t for those strange peaks in pi failures. I really don’t know where those come from, but they are on almost all my dvd-s. They just come out of the blue :frowning:

If I were to change the firmware, what would you reccomend? For the best burn quality. And a link please, I’m really new to DVD-RW firmware. And thanks for answering. :rolleyes:

LE: And is it normal to have that many pi errors? I don’t think I have any dvd to have the maximum at less than 1000. I read some other posts here, and saw that most have under 100?

LLE: I don’t know if it is of any importance, but some of my dvd’s have visible bands on the recordable side. As if some parts are written with the laser at a different power than the others. Please forgive my english, I hope you understand what I want to say :slight_smile:

I have the same problem with my asus 1608P2
I have crossflashed with the lastest pioneer firmware 1.39 with the hope that the burning quality will make a big step forward … but no
The warrantly is down due to the crossflah … so I will burn a plextor, I am really disapointed of the quality of the drive because I used only high quality disc as verbattim, yuden etc …
I have never had problem with my pioneer 107D with this pioneer 110 seems to be quite “average”

You need to scan some of these burns on a Liteon or a BenQ before you give up. Asus is not a scanning drive so it is really not possible to form a conclusion from the scans above. In any case, MCC and TY should give you the best results.

Exactly so it is.

I agree with you, chass0039, benq , plextor are better scaning drive
but for example, on my pioneer dv 470, I can read my drd +RW 8X ricoh burned with my pioneer 110 … I dont really need a benq, liteon or plextor to understand that the quality of burning is quite bad …

according to the first test of pioneer 111, do you think that the pioneer 111 could be a good choice when it will be available ?

Huh, who told you that?
Why do I have here no problems with these discs and a 110 burner?!?

:frowning: Unfortunately I have no friend with benq… I guess I have to just let it go.

P.S. I just noticed another strange thing. Kprobe cannot test any dvd for PI/PIF :frowning: It spins up the drive, and then just stops it and doesn’t scan anything. The driver used is SPTI, ASPI cannot be enabled.

KProbe doesn’t work with a Pioneer drive, only Lite-On. I’ll bet those MCC004 discs will work a lot better burned at 8x, 12x or 16x; 16x burners really aren’t tuned to burn 16x discs at low speeds, from what I’ve seen.

The only burner I have tested that will burn 16X discs better at 16X than any other speed is my LG 4166. I was very surprised.

Oops… my bad. :o

I’m thinking more and more that the problem doesn’t come from the drive itself, but from the system. Though I can’t figure where it might be. And since I can’t test the discs on something else than Asus or Pionner… The drive is master on an 80-pin connector, on the second IDE channel, with a hdd as slave.

Still… I would like to try to change the firmware to a pioneer one. Where can I get one (with the proper instructions) ?

Hard drives as slave with an optical on master is not within the original specifications and can cause real problems. Try with HD on master.

I think that depends on the mobo and chipset used, but more info about your system could help here.

chef, do you have tested the burning on ricoh dvr +RW 8X ?
it is ok for you ?

Mobo: Intel i865Perl (i think), P4 2.6 FSB800 (Prescott), 512 mb RAM ddr400 dual channel, one 160gb samsung hdd, pata, on the same channel as the burner. And a 160 gb WD sata hdd. Windows XP sp2… if anything else matters… ask me :slight_smile:

I just switched this morning the asus with the samsung. It is on slave, and I am doing some testing right now. I’ll come back later to tell you if anything improved. :wink:

I’ve no problems with them here.

The Pio burners really love to be set up as MASTER, of course on an 80 conductor IDE cable, running in UDMA4 mode.
What PSU is in your computer? Heat problems?

The power supply is a cheap 400w… But no heat problems. The CPU is at 40 most of the time, the HDD-s are at 37… and the PSU… I would estimate at about 40. It’s running pretty smoothly if you ask me…
As for the DMA, Nero Info Tool says it’s on, but doesn’t say in which mode. Where do I look?

Btw, even with the writer on slave, there are no visible changes. But when I rescanned one of my Verbatims (the one in the first post) I noticed that those spikes were not there anymore. At a second scan, they reappeared. I think from now on I’ll just ignore them, because the DVD works great.

Use the Devicemanager, expand “IDE ATA/ATAPI Controlers” and then check both IDE cannels for DMA mode.