What's wrong with my 812s drive?



I have an external Pacific digital drive that’s a liteon 812s, and so far i’m having reading problem with this drive, my external BTC 1008, Internal BenQ and nec reads the prodisc fine, but this liteon drive refuse to read it right (keep having errors). I’ve update to the latest firmware on the liteon website, is there anything else i can do?


What is the media code of the Prodisc? Some of it is a real problem.


PRODISC-R03-03 is the media code that DVD decrypter showed me, the strange thing is that BTC drive reads it too, but not my liteon with the latest firmware, is there any other firmware is should be looking at for the 812s?


I think the new firmware is the problem, but for some reason i can’t flash it back to the old firmware, everytime i flash it back using FWft i got no changes in the firmware, this is gonna sux, i just bought this drive too.

When i used the “compare” option, i get the error “ofset 0 X 11B80” is this the end of my drive?

And also, what’s the proper way to flash an external drive? i’m reading the flashing procedure for internal drive and i don’t think it’s right.


This drive has not been made for some time so I assume yours is used. Check here for all the firmware options. As far as I know there is nothing special for flashing an external drive. I just flashed mine in a Bytecc enclosure with no problems.