What's wrong with FujiFilm media made in Taiwan?

What’s wrong with FujiFilm media made in Taiwan? I’m using those and I’m using -r. They work fine. I have yet to come across a bad burn with these. Why does everybody say, “Oh, only get the ones made in Japan”? I don’t understand… the Taiwan ones work fine for me.

This batch may work fine, but the next batch might not. It is simply a quality issue. Do you want a Doctor to operate on you who has had good success 1/2 the time, or one who almost always does it right? Taiwan or Japan.
Choice is yours.

By batch do you mean all the ones that were in the store at the time or just the ones in that pack?

I’ve read on the forums of people reporting bad dvd’s in the same 25 pack, one good 25 pack and one bad 25 pack. 3 good 25packs and 1 bad, 3 bad and 1 good. It can vary like the weather… But when you buy good quality media, there are rarely any bad disks. You get what you pay for. Spend the extra buck or two, and buy the good stuff. I’ve talked to professionals in the industry, and they recommend one dvd. Taiyo Yuden. But there are other decent dvd’s. You can rate dvd’s by looking at comments and manufacturer, on “www.dvdrhelp.com”. It’s still a crap shoot on what media code you get if you buy most brands. Memorex can be 3 or 4 different media codes, same with verbatim, prodisc, ritek (unless you buy their branded media). Always buy branded quality media from a reputible distributor.

I always thought Fuji was a good name. :frowning:

The problem I had before was the discs would burn fine at first, no read errors or anything. Then, about 5-6 months later, they all stopped working. It was a pain, I had to redo the 50 or so backups, but this time I made sure I used good media (Taiyo Yuden).

Fuji dvd’s have many different manufacturers. Check out this link to see the 6 or 7 diffent media codes you can get with fuji. Some are good, and some are not.

Japan made are the best of the two.

Well, so far in my batch of about 7, twenty five pack Fuji Film DVDs, they have all been perfect. Do you think it is possible that the store was also carrying some bad batches and I happened to pick a few of those up as well?

I had a pack of 25 fuji film dvd’s, first 12-15 ok, had to bin the rest, have found Sony very reliable

Well, I’ve gone through two 25 packs of FujiFilm dvds and they are all working great. Were you using +r or -r?

When you say working great, do you mean on your set top player only? I have had discs (fuji, made in taiwan, Prodisc) work good for my set top player, but my family members say the disc works about 3/4 of the way, then it stutters, and quits the rest. I never see this on my set top player, so the problems are sometimes with different players. Then there is the issue of age, I stopped using Princo over a year ago, but I have checked the ones I burned over 3 years ago, and they are still fine. It is sometimes a gamble, and you pay with lost data, or video. Using quality media is much less of a gamble. Hope this helps.

Yes, I mean that it plays fine on my standalone dvd player. I’m using a GoVideo dvd player. So you think that my movies will be erased or unusable eventually?

That is a question that cannot really be answered with much accuracy. There are articles published that do advanced aging tests on media, but I have not read any that separate media by manufacturer. Read up on proper storage techniques, and do what you can with what you have. Like all have said, try to remove as many variables as possible, and your chances of lost movies will be minimized. Also read up on how to check your burn quality, with speed tests, or kprobe, or similar. Hope this helps.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, cheap media is NO DEAL. I only use Taiyo Yuden media now. Been bit way too many times with others. The only place I buy TY media is www.rima.com. It’s been said time and time again here by many others beside myself, Rima is probably the very best source for TY media, then www.supermediastore.com and www.newegg.com. I won’t even settle for Ritek as, the very first 50 piece spindle I bought was totaly defective.

As far as whether or not your data will stand the test of time on the media it’s currently on, I personaly wouldn’t trust it. Even though I’ve switched to the finest media on the planet, I still make redundant backups that don’t get used unless my working copys begin to fail. They stay on spindles in a cool dark closet. If I need to fall back to the backups, I immediately make yet another backup. This rarely happens now. :slight_smile:

If you buy cheap media and end up loosing your data or having to make a million backups as a result, how much money did you really save? Taiyo Yuden media really doesn’t cost that much more than any other “quality,” media, and I find it a real bargain for peace of mind. Also, I don’t have to worry about looking for country of origin, worrying about getting bad batches or what media codes I’m going to end up with. Nor do I waste a bunch of time and gas running all over hell’s half acre looking for, “Made in Japan,” media. I simply go to Rima, order the media I need, and pay for it. End of story. I don’t have alot of money by ANY streach of the immagination, but I will spend what I need to in order to assure I’m not wasteing what little money I do have to spend.


So you’re saying that FujiFilm is cheap media?

Not all of it. If you the the FujiFilm TYG02’s, they are great media. But you really have to know your stuff to pick them out. If not, you don’t know which media you are getting. If you order TYG02’s, you get TYG02’s. Simple as that. Why mess around a guess, when you can be sure. If you don’t mind wasting your time and losing money due to coasters, then go ahead and play around with the cheaper medias. For for a few pennies more per dvd, you can get Professional Grade TYG02’s and have better burns, less coasters, and longer storage life for your data. Cheap DVD’s may be good for up to as much as 100 years, but usually much less (like 30 yrs). TYG02’s will last up to 300 years. Three times better, but not three times the cost. Not even double the cost. When I burn dvd’s for customers, I only burn on TYG02’s. Nothing else.

Do you have a 300 year old DVD???

You burn DVDs for customers? Cool :slight_smile: It seems like you know what you’re talking about. If my DVDs last for 30 years like you say they should, that’s good enough. DVDs won’t even be the standard medium to watch your videos on in that time frame.

Joe_Dirt and harley2ride, not everybody can order online. What about people who don’t use credit cards, and go to brick & mortar stores and pay cash for their media?

I usually read all I can online here and take several “recomended media” lists (for my Plextor), with me when I go to a store.
I’ve been using Sony [RICHJPNR01] and Fuji, made in Japan [YUDEN000T02] for archiving files. So far, no problems, but I’m a home user and only burn for my personal use.