What's Wrong With BenQ 1640 And Nero?



I have a BenQ DW1640 OEM about 3 weeks old from Newegg. It came with retail firmware BSHB. I also have a Plextor 716A also about 3 weeks old. The Plextor is the Master and the BenQ is the Slave on the IDE channel. Computer is an AMD 64 3200+ Winchester, MSI Neo2 Platinum (yes, I have the nVidia drivers installed but have NEVER given me any problems), 2X512 OCZ PC3200 EL Dual Channel Platinum Rev. 2 RAM, 4x120mm fans in a Lian Li PC-7B cool running case, PC Power & Cooling TurboCool 510 ATX-PFC Deluxe power supply, and a couple of PATA IDE harddrives that are defragged and have >2X free space available to cache for burning DVD’s. So I am pretty sure I have enough juice to run the BenQ.

Both optical drives have been fantastic so far and have not given me a problem before except with some very wrong CD-R media that Meritline.com sent me.

My current issue is with the BenQ 1640. I have used the drive to burn Verbatim 16X MCC-004 and Taiyo Yuden 8X T02 DVD+R’s with excellent results. I have been comparing the time to complete and the burn quality of both of my drives.

Now I seem to have a problem with the TY DVD+R discs in the BenQ. I just burned 2 T02’s with the same data (3810MB of DVD Video In Nero The first disc took 13m08s and was with FW BSHB. The Nero REad Transfer Rate errored out as “Logical Block Address Out Of Range”. Notice the red vertical line that’s supposed to demark the end of the data is NOT positioned at the end of the actual data burned (3810MB) but is at the maximum for a single layer DVD. Nero Disc Quality also errored out when it reached the end of the burned data as well but with the error “No Additional Sense Information”. Note that the Quality Score is “99”! The PxScan is not extraordinary, except that more errors are recorded versus with Nero Disc Quality.

Nero setup is for “Enable generation of a short lead-out”, No “overburning” and “Finalize DVD” is checked but greyed out. In fact, just before I burned this DVD in the BenQ, I burned a T02 in the Plextor and just kept the everything the same except I then chose the BenQ in the dropdown “Choose A Recorder” window in the upper righthand corner and put the next T02 disc from the spindle into the BenQ.

When I put the Plextor burned disc in the BenQ and do Nero CD DVD Speed tests, there are NO problems at all. Likewise, the BenQ burned discs are scanned in PxScan without issue.

Lastly, all the discs, reguardless of burner used, play fine in my Philips DVP642 and also in the two optical drives.

SO… why the errors when using Nero CD DVD Speed and the BenQ DW1640?


just make sure you eject the disc beofre reading for errors with nero cd/dvd speed …if not you will get this “no sense” error message


Here are pics of another Taiyo Yuden 8X DVD+R T02 burn on the BenQ DW1640 but now with FirmWare flashed to latest BSLB.

This disc was burned in Nero at 8X as well but the total burn time was 7m03s. Interestingly, the Buffer indicator ranged between 75-94% during the burn. The Buffer indicator ranged between 89-94% on the earlier burn listed above. No other changes were noted or done.


bulletx, pls take the time and effort to read what nealh has kindly replied and if you have done a forum search, you would have realised that this is a commonly asked and answered question.

Your BenQ is simply trying to read into unburned areas of the disc, the capacity info is not refreshed unless ejected/reinserted hence the error.



Excellent advice. No wonder the discs burned in the Plextor then transferred to the BenQ to use Nero CD DVD Speed tools did not have the same issue. Thank you.


Dude, chill. I was in the middle of getting my second post together (due to the limit on the # of images uploaded per post) when nealh slipped in and posted his answer. Also, I did my searches on both this forum and google and did not find an answer before posting here.

Anyways, none of this explains the other anomalies of significantly longer burn time on the first disc and greater Buffer deficit on disc two. Neither has occured with other burns on the same media (from the same spindle).

No matter, both burns are acceptable.


Relax, I am not picking on you but this issue is very well known and documented ad nauseum in these forums. Glad you got it now.