Whats wrong here?

No matter how I try these problem allways accure.

Starting up NERO(all varsions) The LiteOn will burn anything from 50% to 85% at full speed then it will back down to 24X

Using 48X rated media by TDK this should not happen right?

It’s a overclocked liteon 40 @ 48

tryed VSo6 and 08

It’s on it’s own IDE channel with a RAID-0 arryd feeding the buffer…

The LED is RED all the time, is Smart burn kicking in ?

yes…i think smart burning is taking over

download the smartburn tool from the lite-on site and test your media.

Maybe it’s a bug. Read here: http://www.cdrlabs.com/phpBB/viewtopic.php?t=6592

Seem other people have this and maybe some more that dont notise it??

Anyon of you here in this forum that have a solution for this?

First I hade the problem on my AMD/VIA system

and now I have a Intel/845 Abit board and flashed to VS08 and still the same problem …

I have the same problem on a 40125s - using ANY firmware for the 40 or 48x series. It does it on a Via system AND my i845d P4 rig too. Both use Win2k sp3 - though I dont think the OS is to blame.

With whats been seen here and at CDRlabs - does anyone think its possible LiteON would factory overclock 32x drives to clear stock ???


I would say that is probably going on. They’re probably reading OCFreak’s mtkflash guide right now!!!

Actually I think they figured it out before OC did :wink:

But are there diffrent batches of LitOns or does it just happen to some of us or is it Chipset related?

Me to had the VIA/AMD and nov the 845 Intel … sÃ¥ we are in the same boat :frowning:

A friend of mine have the KT266 chipset and his burner work well @ 48X

Now I downgraded speed to 40X WS09 and the drive works perfect…

But are you all unchecking smart burt to get 48X with a overclocked drive… because then it will burn in 48X overclocked??

cant imagine that the TDK discs are all bad so smart burn kicks in…and my friends batch are the good one…

Did learn one cool thing so far in this thread =) …the speed indicator in nero was fun to see =)

Now I downgraded speed to 40X WS09 and the drive works perfect…

Greffel - is this drive a 40125s ?

If so - could you confirm what firmware sorted it and wher you got it so I can try :slight_smile:

I also just picked up an oem 40125s (for my brother) - going to try it in my systems first to make sure it is a hardware problem and not an OS/Aspi problem.

More to follow


Everyone here seem to know DYZAN’s greate firmware arecive. That where I got the firmware, he has them all.

But NO firmware to overclock to 48X work for me =((((

Dyzan’s page

Maybe I should flash with a right firmware for 40125s and burn a cd and then flash to 48 =) …

The funny thing is that when I test the speed in NERO CD SPEED everyting is working fine.

Is this only happening in Nero ? … must try ClonCD later …

Please post if someone does first…

You must have 48x certified media. Thats the golden rule! :slight_smile:


Yes of course…

But using 48X rated media and confirmed by the smart burn program to be 48X this still happens. Even when I turn smart burn of Burner will not even go as high as 40X.

Not really, good 32x media will do 48x just as easy as original 48x. I’m sure everyone has their fav brand of media, and mine’s TDK/Ritek. Both 32x and 48x media gave me 37 avg and 49 end on CD Speed.

THE DRIVE IS GUBBED - proof positive - bought another from another shop - tested it on my 2 rigs and it runs perfectly at 40x in all tests using the same media that I used to test the first drive.

If you want to look at the results with CDSpeed v1.0 -

Original CDSpeed v1.0 burntest with 40125s -retail

Latest CDSpeed v1.0 burntest with 40125s oem

So - Im taking the drive back tomorrow - and Id advise anyone else with a 40125s that slows down when it reaches 40x to do the same. It is not an Aspi , OS or software conflict - it IS a hardware problem with the drive.

hope this helps

good 32x media will do 48x just as easy as original 48x

I’ve yet to see any 32x rated media that will burn at 48x with no read errors generated. In fact, the ONLY media that my 48x LiteOn will burn at 48x with no errors is TY 40x/48x.

If your drive is slowing the burn speed, then the light must be showing yellow for a second or 2 while it shifts to the lower speed. If not, it’s got something wrong with it. Anytime SB kicks in, it will pause the drive, (yellow). The TDK media may well be crappy CMC that will not burn at 48x. My own 48x will not burn TY 40x media beyond about 46x, it slows to 40x for the last few seconds, but the result is an error-free disc. It will burn 40x Phillips, (CMC), all the way to 48x, but with some errors.
BTW, turning off SB in Nero will not disable the SB functions, only remove the initial speed limitation for that particular media.

Hmmm… is that true that i can’t disable the Smart-burn in Nero?

These are the facts again=) …

Using the right 40X firmware I have no problems with the drive, so I can not realy take it back.

But overclocked to 48X the drive have the “bug” in it… it will not reach 40X burnspeed, somting on 35X and then it spins down and continues at 24X the rest of the CD.

From what I have seen there is no yellow light then…but have not realy looked.

Using the Nero CD drivespeed at 48X it works but in real burning there is ALLWAYS this problem.

Since my friend is using the same media and OC burner there should not be a media problem?

When he burns the discs there are allways yellow dotts when scanning the CD and when I burn there are no yellow just green…

So that could be that my smartburn work and not his?

Is there a way to disable smartburn for me so I can test is it is this blody medias fault after all?

Forgot to say - of the above graphs - the first is drive1 as it came to me -with firmware ZS0K. Since going to Zs0N it goes to 40x before dipping.

now - both with Lite-Ons official ZSoN firmware- tested using CDSpeed v1.0.

One burns to 40x then dips to 8x then upto 32x - the yellow light comes on and the drive motor can be heard spinning down then up. THe disks are corrup and it doesn’t complete Cdspeeds full test.

The new one goes up to 40x and stays there - no motor dip - no yellow light -NO errors. Runs Cdspeed to completion.

If you check the links you will see that CDSpeed gives a strange number set for the serial number of drive 1 and NO serial number for drive 2 (the good one). I think there is definitely a hardware problem with the first drive - it is still not 100% reliable burning at 32x. Im taking it back tomorrow for another.


Does this problem only happen with Nero??

I have no more 48X rated media here…so I never got to try if Clone and CDmate will do this to…

I have no ASPI installed what I know of…

Allso I would like to disable the Smart-burn, how can I do ythis if it does not work just unclicking in nero??