What's wrong? (700A w/ Codeguys)

This started out as a good burn, but why the mountain of errors at the end?? Media is Maxell 8x DVD+R in the 50-pack.

Have you tried using the [thread=112103]EEPROM Utility v2[/thread] to do a reset learn?

Yes I did, and you are seeing the first burn AFTER the resetting of the eeprom (It did this before resetting too).

Should I be using the “force fallback on 8x burn” in omnipatcher, or not? I believe the above burn was done with this option ON.

Update: I turned the force-fallback OFF and reset the eeprom again, and it seems to burn correctly now. There is still a mountain effect but it’s in the PI only (not PIF) and doesn’t even come close to the limit of 280.