What's with Windows Live

Any Hotmail fans here? Recently MSN forced users [by no clicky of their own] to an update of hotmail. Now it’s Windows Live. The format of the page is huge. Mr.MaGoo could even see this. You no longer see the the senders server, just their name. Most don’t have dated as to when the e mail came in just times-like 2:42 P.M. which is alot of help if you haven’t been on in a couple days. I’ve used and liked Hotmail for 10 years but this really sucks. Anyone else an avid user of Hmail feel the same? They took something good and really screwed it up.:a

Are you surprised by MSN’s “new and improvement” that nobody really wants? Half the time MSN doesn’t load for me or is ‘not available’. I don’t know how you have put up with it for 10 years!