Whats with the underscores?



Hello there fellow NEC-freaks.
This may quite possibly be the most trivial question ever asked in this part of the forums, but why does NEC fling in strange underscores and ridicilous ammounts of emptyspaces my 3500A name? And what does G stand for?


Does it really matter?


It is essential! Dont you think so too?! :stuck_out_tongue:


I can change this if it bothers you so much :wink: And nobody knows what G means :wink:


Maybe G=Gray?


Liggy if this is true then all NEC 3500 are gray :slight_smile:


Do they really all have the G? I think I’ve already seen 3500AB but I’m not sure


Maybe the G stands for “Gar! That’s the best DVD Recorder out there!” :stuck_out_tongue:


I just got my 3500A. The model numbers on Newegg.com are ND-3500A BG (beige color), ND-3500A BK (black color), or ND-3500A S (silver color).



Liggy: They all have _NEC DVD_RW ND-3500AG drive ID :slight_smile:


The underscore at the beginning exists because, well, TDB explained it.

There are spaces in the name because the brand field is 8 characters long by definition and “_NEC” only uses four. The underscore in the middle of “DVD_RW” is probably because it is dual format and they didn’t want to use “-+” or something like that.


They used ± in Nec 3450 firmware IIRC


Things must be slow in Sweden this month. :rolleyes: :stuck_out_tongue:


So Dell users know they can burn + and - :wink:


Must be something new for them :bigsmile:


so true! :smiley:


Well my part of the country seems to be the only place left without snow for winter :sad:
Cheers for the explanation, I could have guessed it had something to do with those devils from Redmond! :smiley: